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Author Topic: The role of Women in the Imperium  (Read 4566 times)
Norman Lowell
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« Reply #30 on: July 09, 2009, 08:40:45 PM »


And They Call It 'Women's  Liberation'
How  Women Were Lured Out of the Home in the USA

                                                                                             by  AREEBA bint KHALID

From the 1800s to the present day, family life in the West has remarkably   changed. While the West calls this  change part of the women's freedom
 movement, a look at history may show  otherwise.

America before the 1800s was a farming country and ninety  percent of
 the population lived and worked on  private farms. Households were
 mainly self-sufficient ? nearly everything  needed was produced in the
house. The few things that could not be produced  at home were bought
from local craftsmen.

    Some other things, especially imports from  Europe, were bought from  
 stores. Males would take care of the  fields and females would take  care
 of the home. In addition, they would  engage in spinning,  knitting,
 weaving, and taking care of the farm  animals.

Industrial  Revolution

The Industrial Revolution, which began around  the early 1800s, brought
 a major change to this way of life. In  1807, in the wake of the war between
 Great Britain and France, President  Jefferson signed the Embargo Act,
 which stopped all trade between Europe  and America.

    The act meant that European goods would no longer be available in  the
 US and Americans would have to produce them. One major European
 import to America was cloth, and so merchants used this  opportunity
 to create a cloth industry in America.

In 1814,  Francis Cabot Lowell, a man from Boston opened the first
 modern factory. Work here was to be done way faster than  before.
 Instead of manually making things in houses, things were to be  made
 at higher speeds in a factory, and all stages of the work  were to be
 completed under the same roof.

    Now what Lowell needed were workers. He  found out that women,  
 especially unmarried daughters of the  farmers, were more economical  
 to use in labor than men. They were also more willing  to work as hired  
 people in factories.

But Lowell  had to make working outside of the home acceptable in
 a society which was not used to it. He assured  parents that their
 daughters would be taken care of and kept under discipline.  And he
 built a boarding community where the  women workers lived and
 worked together.

Soon after, more and more  factories emerged across America. Factory
 owners followed Lowell's example of  hiring unmarried women. By 1850
most of the country's goods were made in  factories. As the production
 of goods moved from the country to the  city, people too moved from
 the country to the city.

For  money to be earned, people had to leave their homes. When women
worked on the  farm, it was always possible to combine work and family.
 When work for women moved outside the  home, however, the only
 women who could follow it were those  without family responsibilities  
 or those who had no husband or income.  Likewise, the  only women who
 could take care of their families were  the ones who didn't have  work.

This working out of the home became a part of life for unmarried  women.
They would work until their marriage. But as time passed, women found  
 family life interfering with their work  life, and instead of viewing working
 out of the home as optional, they viewed  family life as such. Many
 women started delaying marriage even more, and some  decided to stay

Married women, however,  stayed home and dedicated their time to their
children. Now that there wasn't  any farm work to do, women had even
more time to spend with the children. In  1900 less than about 5.6% of
 married women worked outside. If a  married woman were to work, it
would be considered that her husband was  invalid or that she was poor.

World War  I

The first major entry of married women into the  workforce came during
World War I in 1914. Men went to fight the war and the  country needed
 workers to take over the jobs they left  behind.

    Unmarried women were not sufficient for the labor needs, so employers  
 started to invite married  women, too, to work. By 1919,  25% of the
 women in the workforce were married. But  this was only the beginning.

Another change World War I brought was the  entry of women into the
army. About 13,000 women enlisted in the US Navy,  mostly doing clerical
work ? the first women in US history to be admitted to  full military rank.

The Great  Depression

The Great Depression came in the 1930s. The  unemployment rate
 climbed from 3.2% in 1929 to 23.6% in 1932. Jobs became  scarce for skilled
 people and men. Fathers went to search for jobs. Some, in  despair,
 deserted their families. The responsibility of earning fell  on mothers in
 many families.

Most women and children, however,  found jobs more easily than men,
because of the segregation of work  categories for men and women.
Although 80% of men during the Great Depression  opposed their wives'
entering the workforce under any circumstances, economic  factors made
 it necessary for the women to work.  

Hours were long and pay was low.
Twenty percent of white women
 were in the  workforce.

World War  II

World War II came in the early 1940s. Men were drafted  to fight,
 and America needed workers and supplies.  Again, employers looked
 towards women for labor. Unmarried and married women were  invited
 to work, as had been done during World War I.

But  still, public opinion was generally against the working of married  
 women. The media and the government  started a fierce propaganda
 campaign to change this opinion. The  federal government told women
 that victory could not be achieved  without their entry into the workforce.
 Working was considered part of being a  good citizen, a working wife
 was a patriotic person.

The  government founded the Magazine Bureau in 1942. The Bureau
published  Magazine War Guide, a guide which told magazines which
themes  stories they should cover each month to aid war propaganda.
For September  1943, the theme was "Women at Work." The slogan for
 this was "The More Women at Work the  Sooner We Win."

    Magazines developed stories that  glorified and promoted the placement
 of women in untraditional jobs where  workers were needed. The idea
 was that if smaller, unexciting jobs were portrayed as attractive and  
 noble, more women would join the workforce.

The media  created "Rosie the Riveter," a mythical character to encourage  
 women into the workforce. Rosie was  portrayed as a patriotic woman,
 a hero for all American women. "All the  day long, Whether rain or shine,
 She's a part of the assembly line. She's  making history, Working for
 victory, Rosie the Riveter ? There's  something true about, Red, white,
 and blue about, Rosie the  Riveter."

The propaganda efforts worked. More than six million women  joined
 the workforce during the war, the majority of them  married women.
 In 1940, before the war, only 36% of women workers were married.  By
 1945, after the war, 50% of women workers were married.  The middle-
 class taboo against a working wife had been  repealed.

Post-World War  II

The 1950s marked an era of prosperity in the lives of  American families.
 Men returned from the war and needed  jobs. Once again, the
 government and media got together to steer the opinion of the  public.
 This time, however, they encouraged women to return home,  which
 shows that women were brought out not for their freedom but  because
 workers were needed.

But this effort was not as  successful and was abandoned quickly. First,
 women from lower economic ranks had to  remain in the workforce
 because of economic necessity. And  second, there came the rise of a
 consumer culture.

The baby boom  took place during the 1950s as well. Women who
 returned home dedicated their lives once again to their  children.

    But around the same time an important change had come in the  
 American life. This was the spread of television. By 1960, 90% of the  
 population owned at least one set. Families would gather around  
 the screen for entertainment. In the early days, everything including  
 commercials was watched with great interest.

Most middle-class families  could not afford the goods that television
declared necessary to maintain or  enhance the quality of life with one
paycheck alone. Many women returned to  work in order to live
 according to "the American standard of  living," whatever that meant
to them.

The number of American women in  the workforce from 1940 to 1950
increased by nine percent. From 1930 to 1940  there had only been a
three-percent increase.

The Effects

As mothers returned to work,  television became the most important
 caretaker of a child. Children in the  1950s spent most of their non-
 sleeping hours in front of the  television screen.

In 1940, less than 8.6% of mothers with children under  eighteen worked.
 By 1987, 60.2% of women with children  under eighteen were working.

As wives assumed larger roles in their  family's financial support, they
 felt justified in demanding that  husbands perform more child care and

Across the years,  divorce rates doubled
reaching  a level where at  least
 one out of two marriages was expected to  end in divorce. Marriage  
 rates and birthrates declined. The  number of single parent families
 rapidly increased. People grew unhappy  with their lives, when  
 compared to the lives of people before  television.

Women working affected society in many different ways. The  first and
 most important of these was that  children with working mothers were
 left alone without the care of a mother.  As the number of working
 women increased, the number of children  growing up unsupervised
 increased and with this, increased crime  among teens.

Since most women placed their career ahead of family life,  family life
 was greatly affected since unmarried  women were generally able to
 make more money than married ones. For  example, according to a study
 by a Harvard economist, women physicians  who were unmarried and
 had no children earned thirteen percent  more per year than those who
 were married and fifteen percent more  than those with children.


The  majority of women still work at the lower levels of the economic
pyramid.  Most are employed in clerical positions, factory work, retail  
 sales, or service jobs. Around 50% of  the workforce is female. While
 about 78% of all cashiers and 99% of all  secretaries today are female,
 only 31% of managers and administrators  are female. Equality in the
 workplace has been a mirage but it has  conned millions of women into
 leaving their homes and destroying the  family structure.

It was only when economic or political factors made it  necessary to get
 more workers that women were called to  work. The Industrial Revolution,
 the Great Depression, and the World  Wars, all the major events which
 increased the proportion of women  workers, were times when the
 capitalists required more workers in  order to be successful in their plans
 and so they used women.

The move  of women from home to the public workforce has been gradual.  
 First poor women went. Then unmarried  women. Then married women
 without children. Then married women  without young children. And then,
 all women.

The same thing can be  seen to be happening in developing countries
 around the world, as the West spreads  its propaganda of freedom for
 women to work. The results of this move  will probably be the same, too.

 June 26, 2009


- Hawes, Joseph  M., ed. American Families: A Research Guide and
Historical Handbook.
 New York: Greenwood Press,- 1990.

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Cambridge University Press, 2001.

- US Department of Labor,  Women's Bureau. Women in the Work Force,

        - The Library of Congress. Rosie the Riveter: Real Women Workers in
World War  II.

Continuing the fight for a better world  ?

Dept  E
PO Box  270486
Milwaukee WI 53227


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 Imperium 1107

Norman Lowell
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« Reply #31 on: April 24, 2012, 05:21:12 PM »
Tuesday, April 24, 2012, 16:39
Malta seeing low fertility rate, steep increase in working women
Parliamentary committee discussing work-life balance
Maltese society is seeing a low fertility rate and a sharp rise in the number of women who are working, a parliamentary committee has been told.
The subject was discussed at a meeting of the Family Affairs Committee in the context of a discussion on priorities in the work-life balance.

The Director of the University Centre for Family Studies, Prof. Angela Abela, said that a silent revolution is taking place in Malta.  Although only 40 per cent of   women in Malta are in employment, the pattern is changing radically according to different age groups. 
The female work participation rate for the 25 to 29 years group had increased by 14 per cent from 56 per cent of the female working population in 2001 to 70 per cent in 2010.  This increase was the steepest in all EU member states over the same period, meaning that the country was shifting from a traditional society to one of working couples.
The increase in female work participation was also much in evidence in the 30 to 34 year groups from 49 to 60 per cent and among the 35 to 39 year group from 27 to 50 per cent.
The statistics, she said, were the result of research made by 39 members of diverse professions.
The research also showed that
Labour MP Justyne Caruana said that studies showed that if the working female participation rate in Malta increased to 100 per cent, this would lead to a 50 per cent increase in the GDP.
Continuing, Prof Abela said that part-time employment among men in Malta increased from 4.4 per cent in 2000 to five per cent in 2010 when the EU average decreased by 1.5 per cent.  Another study found that 52 per cent of the Maltese work more than nine hours daily with 13 per cent of them working over 11 hours. Some 65 percent continued working at home.  Prof. Abela said that this showed that striking a work-life balance was an area of concern.
She also referred to low fertility rates in Malta at 1.4 per cent, adding that maternity leave was a need and had to be even longer.
NSO statistics showed 27 per cent of births in Malta were outside marriageresearch showed that many parents did not have a second child because of stress they suffered in coping with their family responsibilities.
Committee chairman Jean-Pierre Farrugia said that there was the need to increase the birth rate. Prof. Abela said this demographic and economic challenge had to be addressed urgently because the country was already late on such an issue. The low birth rate did not only concern women but also the economy.
Prof. Abela underlined that family policies should target all types of family in Malta and should give priority to issues of poverty, mental health, disability and low-educated couplesIt is the low IQ women that are breeding most in Malta.
High IQs prefer their profession to bearing even one child.
This is a dysgenic disaster in the making - low breeding.
And meanwhile, primitive Africans breed like chimps at our hospital - at our expense.
They breed because We pay for their feckless fecundity.
We do this through the morbidity of our Christian disease of the mind.
Not only that: but stupid Maltese women actually adopt Africans!
They even baby sit Africans, while their mothers work: and rob Maltese of scarce jobs.
This is the lunacy of present day society.
From 2.15mins onwards;
Norman Lowell fuq Sfera - Part 2
2012: Anno Zero!
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« Reply #32 on: December 20, 2015, 05:55:16 AM »

 Sunday, December 20, 2015, 00:21

Cameron: I want women troops front line ready in a year

Women could be allowed to fight on the front line within the year as part of the greatest shake-up of the British military in its recent history.

David Cameron has asked the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to be ready to welcome women into close combat roles by the end of 2016.

The long-mooted move would speed up the implementation of a review into the policy when it concludes before the summer.

The Prime Minister said: "The Defence Secretary (Michael Fallon) and I are united in wanting to see all roles in our Armed Forces opened up to women in 2016. We've already lifted a number of barriers in our Armed Forces with the introduction of female submariners and women reaching the highest ranks in all services.

"We should finish the job next year and open up ground combat roles to women."

A review paper was published in December 2014 and as a result, further research is under way looking at the physiological demands on those carrying out ground combat roles.

The current research programme is expected to deliver an initial report in mid-2016.

A decision to open up all roles to women would put the UK alongside other nations such as Australia - which has legislated for this - and the US, which earlier this month announced it would open all jobs in combat roles to women, following three years of research.

The Prime Minister's intervention would see women begin training for these roles as early as autumn next year.

The government is already putting in place procedures to ensure women are aware and able to take up the new opportunities, including working with recruitment offices organisations.

Currently more than 80% of jobs across the Armed Forces are open to women, who make up more than 10% of the military's manpower.

Jobs on the front line were opened to women two decades ago, notably in the artillery, engineers and for combat medics. The new changes would predominantly apply to those roles in the Infantry, Royal Marines, and Royal Armoured Corps and The Royal Air Force Regiment.


Diabolically Jewish!
Another attack on the White Race: placing the Bearers of The Race in grave peril.
Diminishing our White population further.


Read Post 1 - The role of Women in The Imperium

The Golden Dawn
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 Imperium 1107

Norman Lowell
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« Reply #33 on: March 06, 2016, 11:30:04 AM »

Post modern war on masculinity has rendered Europe's men helpless


Exactly!  We have an Effeminate Culture.
Our Politics are Feminine and we Europeans get elbowed aside by decidedly Masculine invaders.
They hold us in contempt for our weakness.

We of Imperium Europa will again instill Masculine Values, Virtues into the White Man.
We will be merciless and stamp out the Invaders without pity.
And We will root out those Cultural Traitors who have feminized us, disarmed us: placed our children as sacrificial animals to the Lie of Equality.

What a difference this woman journalist, Iben Thranholm to our pathetic, Jesus Poisoned Qormijja:
with her Equality, pity, altruism and Love for Everyone, oozing out of her - a National Embarrassment.
We need honest women, strong Women who encourage our Menfolk to FIGHT!

And WHO has feminized our Culture, destroyed Manhood since WW2?
It's the JEWS, stupid - Them controlling the Media, Hollywood, Newspapers and TV...
Them injecting us with The Jesus Poison, that has drowned Kristos within 50 years.

We of Imperium Europa are determined to change this Judaized, Feminized EU, led by Schultz and his Tribe of Rodents in Human Form.
We will again Inspire the Europid to take up arms and stand his ground.
And within a short time: We will clean up Europe of All Illegal Invaders and the Traitors within.

The Golden Dawn

The Golden Dawn
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Boycott The Times and The Sunday Times.
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 Imperium 1107

Norman Lowell
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« Reply #34 on: March 15, 2016, 04:37:38 PM »

Tuesday, March 15, 2016, 14:48

Fertility rate in Malta below EU average, and falling

The fertility rate in Malta is slightly below the EU average and continuing to decline, according to data issued today by Eurostat.
It shows that the fertility rate in Malta in 2014 was 1.42, compared to 1.48 in 2001. The EU average in 2014 was 1.58.
A fertility rate of around 2.1 live births per woman is considered to be the replacement level in developed countries, Eurostat said. In other words, that is the average number of live births per woman required to keep the population size constant in the absence of inward or outward migration.
The highest fertility rate was recorded in France and the lowest in Portugal....


So, Maltese fertility rate keeps falling - while Malta's population increases, year after year.
Why? Because the Muslims and the trousered apes (Illegal African Immigrants) breed like rabbits.
Just like France and Sweden: they breed, we abort.

A Dysgenic Disaster planned by the Jews, those Rodents in Human Form.
They want to wipe us off the face of the planet - an implacable Hatred towards us, primarily.
They, Them know that only We stand between Them and global rule.

Muslims invading Sweden, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany...
Middle Easterners crossing over to Greece via an accommodating, treacherous Turkey.
Sub-human-sub-Saharans flooding Malta and Italy, then trudging north, darkening, polluting the gene-pool.

And the same with millions of Mexicans flooding America, with Whites a minority in just a few years.
And the same with Canada, a White country just 50 years ago - betrayed by Trudeau.
And Australia betrayed by Bob Hawke - and now even New Zealand is turning Multicultural.

Every White Country is being invaded, flooded, taken over - suffering this Racial onslought.
Not Japan or China, or India or Indonesia or Nigeria or Tanzania -

And behind it all: THEM!
And We can never find ourselves, regain our courage to boot All Invaders out of our Territories:
unless We extirpate this malevolent Tribe of Rodents in Human Form.

The Golden Dawn
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Boycott The Times and The Sunday Times.
Do not post there, do not buy a copy of either, do not advertise.
Hurt Them in the only way they understand.

 Imperium 1107

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