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Title: John de Nugent
Post by: IMPERIUM on September 29, 2007, 10:34:23 AM
   Dear  friends, activists, comrades:

Two items:

1) This is short notice,  but I hope that if you are in driving distance of Washington DC you can attend  my speech next Tuesday and Margaret's wonderful singing of stirring and moving  White music from around the world. This will be this coming Tuesday, October 2,  6:30 pm, Arlington, Va.  See below for details.

2) We will also be  speaking at the major southern California conference, "No More Wars for Israel," on October 12-14.

The Reform Party, once  a major third party led by Ross Perot -- and since 2000 in the hands of white patriot activists, a significant  development!  --  has asked me to consider  running in 2008 as their candidate for President.  I recently met for  three days in West Virginia with a top official of the Reform Party, who has  decades of practical electoral and organizing experience.  "Never have prospects been  brighter for a far-right third party" -- an exact quote from an April  report by the renowned polling organization Zogby International. The furor --  over illegal Hispanic immigration and over the Israel-driven war policy -- is  cresting nationwide.

Please see the two notices below, and I hope to see  you at one or both events.

John de Nugent

1) Tues., Oct. 2 event,  Arlington VA

"Council of Conservative Citizens
National Capital  Regional Chapter

Dr. Sam Francis Forum
Title of Program: "White Russia, under Vladimir  Putin, Rises Again"

6:30 P.M.,  Tuesday, October 2, 2007
Sala Thai Restaurant, 2900 North 10th  Street,
Arlington,VA 22201(Tel. 703-465-2900)
between North Fillmore and  North Garfield Streets
at intersection with Washington Blvd.,
about 2  blocks from Clarendon Metro Stop.
(see (

Background: Moscow, Russia is Earth's most  densely populated city of European Mankind. When walking on its streets one  would not think the White race is in crisis, at the abyss of biological  oblivion. Every White nation on Earth has catastrophically low White birthrates;  worldwide, people of European descent have a birthrate of only 1.2 children for  every 2 potential parents. That means a greater than 40% decline in population  with each generation--and that figure does not consider the growing racial  intermarriage with non-Europeans, which effectively reduces the birthrate of the  European genotype. These genocidal birthrates ensure that unless a revolution  for White survival occurs soon, the White race will be pushed to the edge of  extinction.

Our speaker at this event will be Mr. John de Nugent, who  will address these issues and the positive efforts being made in Russia to  prevent this eventuality from occurring in its sphere of influence. Mr. De  Nugent has been active in the Cause of White survival since 1978 and has written  numerous articles published in influential magazines such as "National  Vanguard", "The Spotlight", "White Power", "American Free Press" and  prolifically in "The Barnes Review". He has been approached by a major third  party to run for high office in 2008.

In addition to Mr. de Nugent's  presentation we will be treated to the unique folk music offerings of Ms.  Margaret Huffstickler, another prolific author in the Freedom  Movement.

Please invite your friends and associates to join you in coming  to this important event, especially those without email addresses that would  facilitate our contacting them.

Sidney Secular
Program  Director"

2) Southern California/Orange County near  Los Angeles conference

Wednesday, August 29,  2007

'No More Wars For  Israel' Conference to be held in Southern California
Weekend of October  12-14
Please visit: (  for more info.

Note--The conference is being dedicated to  Mordechai Vanunu, former Israeli nuclear technician who spent 18 yrs in the  hellhole of an Israeli prison for trying to warn the world about the most  dangerous nation in the world possessing the most dangerous weapons in the  world. He has recently been convicted of violating an Israeli court order  barring him from speaking to foreign journalists and faces an additional 6  months in  prison.--

Important Update--‘You-know-who’ is up to their old  tricks that they inherited from their Pharisee forefathers of trying to silence  any opposition to their agenda. As such, these individuals who would dare accuse  the rest of us of being unpatriotic are trying to rob us of our rights to free  speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press and freedom of worship.  Elements within the Zionist extremist camp are already in panic mode over this  upcoming conference and are calling around to all the hotels in Southern  California pretending to be Police Officers and trying to find out where the  conference is being held so that they can do their usual business of  intimidating hotel owners and others into shutting us down. This is the reason  why details of the conference are being kept private at this  time.
On  the weekend of October 12-14 patriotic voices of conscience from around the  world will be gathering in southern California to call for an end to the endless  wars being waged… and yet more planned, if the neocons get their way…. in the  Middle East by the U.S., sacrificing the lives of our sons and daughters all for  the sake of a worthless parasitic and terrorist nation by the name of Israel  that has been subjugating the Arab Christian and Muslim population of Palestine  for nearly sixty years.

NOW is the time to  stand up and let your voices be heard….BEFORE our out-of-control president  and the Israeli moles who encircle and advise him begin what very well may be  World War III by attacking the peaceful nation of Iran….AGAIN for the sake of  the cancer in the Middle East known as Israel.
This one of a kind and  important conference will be held in Orange County, California, minutes away  from John Wayne International airport, and 30 minutes from  LAX.

Friday evening, the 12th, a cocktail/ meet-and-greet party will kick off the  weekends events, which will include a banquet dinner on Saturday evening and  breakfast Sunday morning.

CONFIRMED speakers include:

*Phil Tourney, survivor of the attack on the USS Liberty  and former president of the Liberty Veterans Association

*AFP (American Free Press) correspondent, author and radio talk  show host Michael Collins Piper

*Patrick Grimm, well-known internet  writer/commentator

*Columnist and RBN radio  host Mark Dankof

*Hesham Tillawi  of Current Issues TV

*Bedros  Hadjian, expert on the Zionist role in the Armenian Genocide

*John de Nugent, former Marine, international  speaker/linguist, top writer for The Barnes  Review/Washington

*Margaret  Huffstickler, linguist, professional vocalist, international  writer/translator for
The Barnes  Review/Washington

*Fr. Christopher  Hunter, Traditional Catholic Priest, patriotic author and long time  anti-Zionist activist

*Vote fraud investigator  and anti-Zionist activist Jim Condit Jr.

*Mark Green, journalist, producer and former TV talk show  host.

*Dr. Kaukab Siddique, pubisher of  the Islamic magazine New Trends

*Author and  AFP correspondent Mark Glenn of Crescent and Cross

*Investigator and film maker on the 1967 Israeli attack on the USS  Liberty Tito Howard

*Professor Ray  Goodwin, author and regular contributor to The Barnes  Review

*Founder of 'We Hold These Truths' and  Project Strait Gate Charles Carlson

*Black nationalist Leader Dr. Robert  Brock

*MarWen Media's Wendy  Campbell, documentary film-maker.

*911  widow and truth activist Ellen Mariani who will discuss her ongoing  lawsuit and the efforts of judicial criminals to silence her

*Ellen Fleming, journalist, author, pro-Palestinian  activist and owner of

*Joachim Martello, well-known Muslim American  writer/researcher/activist

These are just a  few of the weekend's speakers…MORE will be announced in the weeks to  come.

Reserve your place now for this  history-making conference and be among the number of your fellow patriots who  are saying with ONE VOICE: NO MORE WARS FOR ISRAEL!

Hotel rooms are $124.00 per night (double occupancy  allowed)
Registration: $ 150.00 per person, couples $ 175.00. Registration  fee includes Saturday evening banquet and Sunday breakfast.
Those not wishing  to eat can get a discounted rate.

Those not  able to attend--WE NEED DONATIONS! Please consider helping us  out.

Send checks or money orders to Mark Glenn  at the following address

Box 27
Careywood,  Idaho 83809

Those interested in sending  donations online via credit card should send an email to and  we will get back to you.


If you cannot attend, be sure to order the DVD through  me. A professional team of two Movement filmmakers, Michael Murray (Los  Angeles) and Byron Jost of, (Salt Lake City) --  producer of  the renowned DVD "A Line in the Sand" about the Minutemen along the US-Mexican  border -- will be creating a first-class video of the conference and all its  highlights.

We are not naive about the obstacles the enemies of freedom  create. With 60 years of combined Movement experience by key conference  organizers, every possible precaution is being taken to ensure a secure and very  successful conference.

The American  Free Press/Barnes Review conference of September 2006,  which featured  many of the same key individuals involved in the upcoming California event,  created such enthusiasm that the call went out to have a similar event every  year for active American patriots.

As one New Testament author wrote:  "Brothers, do not forsake the gathering of ourselves together."

We learn  from the speeches, we network, we enourage each other, and we plan -- now to  exploit the major opportunities that will approach, especially if war with Iran  and the collapse of the US dollar occur. I hope very much that you will make the  sacrifices Margaret and I are making to attend this important conference and/or  obtain the video.
John de Nugent/Margaret  Huffstickler
 5 West Glebe Rd., apt. A-8
 Alexandria, Virginia 22305 USA
 tél: (01 USA) (571) 312-3348  domicile/professionnel


John de Nugent is a friend of ours.
He really understands and knows the real     Enemy.
We wish him success in his Political ventures.


Title: Re: John de Nugent (two conferences)
Post by: Stephen Farrugia on October 01, 2007, 10:28:21 AM
This is very good news. At last a true leader for the United States of America. I hope that he does well. If he needs any direct help, I would be very willing to fly to the US and give a hand.
I can assure Mr John de Nugent that here togethere, we will do our best to spread the word.
Title: Re: John de Nugent
Post by: Stephen Farrugia on October 16, 2007, 01:26:04 AM
How interesting.I will follow all events and hope that this thread will keep us readers informed. Thanks for the post.
Title: Re: John de Nugent
Post by: Neverwinter on October 25, 2007, 02:36:14 AM
John de Nugent speaks:

Vido Link (
Title: Re: John de Nugent
Post by: IMPERIUM on October 25, 2007, 05:57:47 PM
John de Nugent is indeed a brave man.
He knows the Enemy of Mankind inside out - he knows his psyche, what makes him tick.
John de Nugent is doing what we all should : blare the truth from rooftops.


Title: Re: John de Nugent
Post by: IMPERIUM on November 02, 2007, 07:20:20 PM
Dear Mike,

I am grateful that you will have me on your show to discuss my  candidacy, the race, and the general political situation, which is in potential  ferment.  

I'll be ready at next Wed. at 9  pm, East Coast time, and listeners can here by clicking on Network Information Listen Live, upper left of home  page. (

Thanks  again,


Council of Conservative  Citizens
National Capital  Regional Chapter
 Dr. Sam Francis  Forum
 Title of Program:  "REVISED ? C of CC Member  John DE NUGENT announces for CONGRESS!"
 6;30 P.M., Tuesday, November 6,  2007
 Sala Thai Restaurant,  2900 North 10th Street,
 Arlington, VA 22201(Tel.  703-465-2900)
 Between North Fillmore and North  Garfield Streets
 at intersection with Washington  Blvd.,
 about 2 blocks from Clarendon Metro  Stop.
 (see (

Our  speaker Tuesday is the always dynamic
John de  Nugent, a new C of CC member, who will be announcing his candidacy for the  special election on December 11th in the First Congressional District of  Virginia (11 counties along the western  shore of the Potomac and the Chesapeake Bay).

 John comes from an  experienced conservative  Republican political family and was a  nearly successful candidate for  Congress in 1990 in Tennessee, near Nashville.  In addition, he has a 30-year career of pro-white activism and has a network of  supporters nationwide and internationally. He is the former associate editor of  the Barnes Review ( ( and is one of  that magazine's chief writers. His fiancee Margaret Huffstickler is another key  writer there ? and a wonderful singer who has sung for us at previous C of CC  meetings.

The First Congressional District of Virginia is  
76% white, and very conservative  Republican. All the other candidates are  basically no-names and party hacks. Prince William County is in the First  District, the epicenter nationwide of the crackdown on  the illegal Hispanic immigration-invasion of the United  States.

John has an exciting new website on YouTube, the special video  website:

 You can click there on his videos  and those of other activists for white civil rights who spoke alongside him at a  recent conference in southern California. Mr. de Nugent is a thrilling speaker  and is sure to enthrall and excite you next Tuesday.
 The originally scheduled first  speaker, Mr. Jared Taylor, will speak at a later date.  

 Since this will be Election Night,  we will also briefly discuss the election results in terms of our Conservative  agenda.
 Because of our full program and the  need to vacate the meeting room by 10 PM, our formal  program will begin at 7:30 PM sharp.
 Looking ahead, please also plan to  attend our December 4 meeting  at the same time and location.  Our  speaker then will be Mr. K.C.McAlpin, Executive Director,  ProEnglish, a.k.a English Language Advocates  who will discuss the Left Wing's efforts to hamper establishment of English as  the primary, official or requisite language in various settings. We may also  discuss immigration issues at this event.
 Please invite your friends and  associates to join you at these important meetings to expand our membership and  outreach.

 Sidney  Secular
 Program  Director

Title: Re: John de Nugent
Post by: IMPERIUM on December 03, 2007, 10:15:09 PM
Title: Re: John de Nugent
Post by: IMPERIUM on December 04, 2007, 09:23:14 AM
Title: Re: John de Nugent
Post by: IMPERIUM on May 05, 2008, 09:52:08 AM
posted on numerous discussion forums, including:

Liberty Forum 54,000 views
StormFront 4,123 views 3,070 viewseNationalist 155 views (new thread)

and a thread by  Prof. Kevin MacDonald

* * *

John de Nugent (b. Providence,  Rhode Island July 14, 1954) is a white nationalist, or as he writes, white  "nationist" -- an activist, leader, writer, radio personality and speaker.  


Descended via both parents from Thomas Angell, one of the co-founders in  1636 of the colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations (now called "State  of Rhode Island"), de Nugent grew up in his ancestral Providence, Rhode Island  area. His distant ancestors were from Normandy, France.

In the wake of  his parents' divorce when he was 15 in 1970, which gave custody to his mother  Constance, he was induced to join the religious group "Jehovah's Witnesses," and  from 1970-76 was a member, serving even at their world headquarters in Brooklyn  Heights, New York.

Thoroughly disillusioned -- especially after the  sect's broken promise of the "end of the world" in 1975 -- de Nugent broke away  at age 21 in 1976.

He was married to Gerda Atzl of Brandenberg, Austria  from 1975-1990, having two daughters. (A second marriage, 2002-2005, to a French  citizen was annulled in 2006.)

In 1976, de Nugent volunteered to join  the United States Marine Corps Reserve, and after basic training at Parris  Island, South Carolina he served in a Marine Reserve unit, the 35th  Interrogator-Translator Team at the Washington Navy Yard (and later at the  nearby Anacostia Naval Air Base), led by the Jewish captain Harvey Philip Gold.  He received three meritorious promotions within approximately one year, but  after his white nationist politics became known, he was nearly murdered by Dutch  Marines (as confirmed by an article by the Jewish captain), and was transfered  in the fall of 1979 to an all-black supply unit.

( (¤t=usmc4inroundoutside.jpg)

He then requested an inter-service transfer  to an infantry unit of the Virginia Army National Guard, where he was named  "Guardsperson of the Year" for 1980 by his commanding officer, Captain John  Holt. He left the Active Reserves in 1981.

In this same year de Nugent  also graduated from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., with a 3.702  average, earning the designation magna cum laude ("with high honors"). He  was also admitted to the national honor society known as Phi Beta Kappa. He had  majored in German and minored in French.

"White nationism"  

John de Nugent's career in white nationism began in 1978. He was  assigned as part of his major in German at Georgetown to read some passages from  Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf dealing with Hitler's views of the Jewish question.  Perceiving parallels to the situation in the United States of the 1970s, de  Nugent visited the Arlington, Va. headquarters of the National Socialist White  People's Party, founded in 1967 by former US Navy commander George Lincoln  Rockwell (another quasi-Rhode Islander) but headed after Rockwell's 1967  assassination by Matt Koehl, a former Marine who now directs the Wisconsin-based  "The New Order."

After some activism with the NSWPP, de Nugent met Dr.  William L. Pierce in 1981, a former physicist and chairman of the National  Alliance. He wrote several articles on recruiting new members for the National  Alliance, spoke at the 1983 NA convention in Chicago, moderated the 1984 NA  convention, and built a rapidly growing "Washington-Baltimore Unit" of the NA.  He left the NA on good terms in 1984, viewing it as lacking a true religious  base and an adequate number of women members.

In 1985 de Nugent worked  with former West Point graduate and lawyer Gary Gallo of Maryland to raise funds  for the legal defense of Bernard Goetz, the white New York subway crime victim  who shot several young blacks.

In 1986 he worked with Hans Schmidt, a  former member of the Waffen-SS division "Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler," on a  project for German heritage in Washington.

From 1987-1992 de Nugent was  an independent contractor who promoted the use of revocable trusts by those who  wished to leave a bequest to Liberty Lobby, a Capitol Hill-based "populist"  organization founded and run by Willis Carto.

Around July 1989 de Nugent  moved to Metairie, Louisiana to study the electoral victory of pro-white State  Representative David Duke, staying in Louisiana until the late spring of 1990.  

In June-August 1990, de Nugent, using the campaign name "Jack Nugent,"  ran in the Republican primary for Congress in the Sixth District of Tennessee,  south and east of Nashville, on a pro-white platform. He achieved 26.7 percent  of the vote, albeit de Nugent suspects that massive elecronic vote fraud denied  him an outright victory on primary day, August 10, 1990. He received extensive  local publicity and references to his race were made by Time and the  op-ed page of the New York Times.

From 1992-2004 de Nugent wrote  occasional articles on pro-white or anti-Zionist topics for various  publications, including the magazine The Barnes Review ( Three of the  most noteworthy were on 1) Adolf Hitler's "Madagascar Plan" to resettle European  Jewry on that huge French colonial island; 2) Kennewick Man; and 3) "The Great  Patents Heist," the Allied seizure of thousands of vital German patents after  1945.

On April 20, 2005 de Nugent returned from the south of France to  Washington, D.C. to become a major writer for The Barnes Review, and for  a while was its associate editor. He also translated many articles from German  and French, including his work on the translation of the memoirs of General Leon  Degrelle of the Waffen-SS.

( (¤t=DegrellemarchinginRussia.jpg)

In the summer of 2006 he covered the Mannheim, Germany  trial of German revisionist Ernst Zundel for The Barnes Review, and he  spoke in Barcelona, Spain, in the Spanish language, on the topic of psychopaths  in politics and among the Jewish population. His audience was white nationist  publisher Pedro Varela and his followers.

( (¤t=pedrovarela.jpg)
Varela, arrested at his bookstore in 2006 by Spanish  anti-terror commandos [sic].

In March 2007 de Nugent spoke, in  German and in Germany, to gatherings of the prominent German activists Gunter  Deckert and Manfred Roeder, and met with Vincent Reynouard, the French  revisionist living in Belgian political exile, and conferred with David Duke,  who had become a prominent pro-white writer. In April 2007, he spoke in East  Lansing, Michigan to a gathering organized by young activist Evan Thomas.  

In 2007 he began posting on a discussion "thread" called "Apocalypse of  the Psychopaths" on an originally libertarian forum called ""  The thread grew by May 2008 to 54,000 views. In early 2008 he began posting also  actively on several other pro-white fora such as,  and eNationalist Forum.

In October 2007 de Nugent was a major speaker at  the anti-Zionist conference "No More Wars for Israel" in Irvine, California, and  helped secure new venues after several hotels refused to host it.

In  February 2008 de Nugent moved to greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, an area he  considered ideal for pursuing further pro-white activities. There he began  preparing a possible re-entry into political life. He was joined there by other  white activists, and through his writings and videos online began to become  known worldwide in the pro-white community.

We wish John de Nugent success in his political candidacy this year.
He is an indefatigable fighter - and what is more important:
He knows the Real Enemy!


Title: Re: John de Nugent
Post by: IMPERIUM on June 15, 2009, 08:56:45 AM 19727856/detail.html 3032619/#31271210 Commentator brays those whom he labels "haters" should not have any more gun rights! Now THAT is the NY media exploiting the death of one security guard: gut both the First and Second Amendments.

(see At 7:02 look at Mark Potok .. who two years ago (NYT cover story) helped two Mexican-Americans sue and seize a white farmer's $100,000 farm in southernmost New Mexico after he stopped them with a rifle, assuming understandably from bitter experience that they were illegals and drug smugglers....

Compare the visuals:

        Mark Potok

Potok's Israel -- they never commit violence -- just ask the Gazans about white phosphorus. Don't ask the 1,000 dead civilians.
Jews never commit hatred -- just ask the Palestinians in the West Bank about Dr. Goldstein.....who shot 30 from behind while at prayer in the Dome of the Mosque.

Just go back in time (if you could) and ask the African slaves about hate and violence --- being brought over by Sephardic Jews operating out of Newport RI and Charleston SC in the infamous transatlantic "passage" in fetid ship bottoms during the slave trade under British aegis, and against the will of most white American colonists. (Georgia banned slavery in the early 1700s and was overruled by the royal governor.)

Aaron Lopez, 1700s Rhode Island "entrepreneur." Jewish sources call him a "philanthropist."

Who brought black slaves here to America against their will? Not the average White! Queen Elizabeth I of England and later kings wanted to get rich, and they hired eager financiers and slave traders such as Aaron Lopez, one of many Jews who operated the brutal slave passage ships out of Newport, Rhode Island. Many Blacks actually know about this Jewish role. Most Whites actually objected from the start to the immoral and cruel slave trade, which also caused tension and destroyed white labor. But once the Africans were here, plantations had to acquire them from Jews in order to survive against their cotton or tobacco competitors who didn't have to pay any wages to slaves. It snowballed by the laws of business into an unstoppable Jewish business that lined the king's pockets as well. Georgia and other British colonies protested slavery and passed laws against it; they were revoked by the British Crown. Just ten percent of Southern Whites had slaves, and treated them fairly well as valuable workers, and almost no Northerners has slaves. Most Whites alive today have almost zero ancestral guilt for the Jewish-run, Jewish-financed, king-of-England-enriching slave trade. But in 1861-65 it cost White America 600,000 dead in the ?Civil War,? many of them very fine young men of good genes. (Based on a 2005 Loyola University study of the eye color of Americans in the year 1900, it is probable that 75% of Whites before this holocaust of our young men had blue or light eyes. The Civil War was a genetic bloodbath.)

(taken from the first chapter of my forthcoming audiovisual/text DVD book, Solutrea, and here: de_nugent/blog/2009/04/the- book-solutrea-chapter-one/)



After I sent this out, more information came in and I sent out another email to these same reporters at CBS, Fox, NBC, ABC, etc. canadian_jewish_congress_ propp.html

The intent, says the article by Ezra Levant, was to provoke violence so as to enact laws gutting free speech in Canada.

This website is by a Canadian Jewish author and PhD, and former major columnist named Henry Makow, and quotes another Canadian Jew, Ezra Levant, a lawyer, journalist and politician who gave up his seat in Parliament to the current PM, Stephen Harper.

Is the purpose of the now suspicious Von Brunn incident to ALSO help advance an agenda of abridging the First Amendment?  

Why did the visitor Maria say security guards shot Stephen Johns?

Why would James von Brunn not have been out to accomplish -- this time, unlike 1981 at the Federal Reserve Building -- a successful hostage-taking to garner world publicity, as opposed to killing a kindly black security guard?

Von Brunn was no terbacky-chawing redneck like the two felons who dragged a black man to death in Taxas..... nor did he ever bring up blacks to me. He was an accomplished naval officer and executive. And he did not sound overly despondent or crazed to me on the phone two weeks ago.

Suppose the feds put a GPS on his car, knew he was coming, and arranged for a set-up killing to occur -- a LIHOP ("let it happen on purpose") that the feds then modified by shooting both Johns and Von Brunn so as to exacerbate white-black violence, get sympathy for Jews, and make blacks -- the most antisemitic demograph in America -- side more with Jews against "white supremacy"?

"White supremacist kills beloved black guard, family man and his mother's only child"....

It sounds like a win-win for Zionism. All it took was "capping" a black man.

Why did the mother seem so "copacetic" on TV with her son's death? She did NOT seem very distraught. 3032619/#31271741 (Thursday, 6/11/09) NBC Nightly News/Brian Williams. Note her almost non-chalant-seeming body language at 1:06-1:14

What eases pain in Washington, DC?



Canadian Jewish Congress Organized Nazi Party
June 14, 2009
"Creating Anti-Semitism Since 1965"

By Ezra Levant

(Levant, 37, is a Jewish Canadian lawyer, journalist and politician who gave up his seat in Parliament to Stephen Harper. This  article provides another example of the historic Nazi-Zionist cooperation designed to coerce Jews into backing Zionist policies. Ultimately these policies advance world government by the Masonic bankers who sponsor Zionism,also a Masonic ord
Title: Re: John de Nugent
Post by: IMPERIUM on August 03, 2009, 09:16:27 PM
John de Nugent:
hounded and harassed by The Eternal Enemy.
He is so resilient, so resolute.

His new website:


Title: Re: John de Nugent
Post by: IMPERIUM on May 25, 2012, 08:22:23 PM (
John de Nugent unmasks the Eternal Enemy.
That Hidden Enemy: the cause of all our troubles.
Them! - Golem: robots of the Demiurge - A satanic spirit: innately anti-Aryan.
2012: Anno Zero!
Title: Re: John de Nugent
Post by: IMPERIUM on December 09, 2012, 09:18:50 AM (

A particularly interesting Newsletter by John de Nugent - indefatigable fighter.
The Holocaust Lie - as Jews admit how kind the Germans were to them at Auschwitz.
Defamation and Lies by the vast majority of Jewish survivors.

2012: Anno Zero!
Title: Re: John de Nugent
Post by: IMPERIUM on December 13, 2012, 02:29:05 PM (

Who was Obama's real father?
What was his mother like?
Is obama's granddad Jewish?

2012: Anno Zero!
Title: Re: John de Nugent
Post by: IMPERIUM on January 28, 2013, 01:41:14 PM (

Another interesting newsletter by the indefatigable John de Nugent.
John has suffered much, leaving a lucrative family insurance business to fight the fight for White survival.
Do enroll to his newsletter.

The Golden Dawn
Title: Re: John de Nugent
Post by: IMPERIUM on December 02, 2013, 08:55:12 AM

The incredible cruelty and heartlessness of the Chinese:
boiling dogs alive and beating a lone, white Uighur kid.
And they hate us, Whites with a cold, impassive envy and resentment.

But China, for all its armed forces and a billion chinks: is a paper tiger.
We only have to contaminate their two mighty rivers: and they will die like flies.
When the time comes and if need be: The Imperium will put the chinks, firmly in their place.

The Golden Dawn
Title: Re: John de Nugent
Post by: IMPERIUM on January 21, 2014, 02:30:26 PM

The beauty of Japanese Ainu women.
The incredible cruelty of the Chinese.
That arch, Jewish criminal: Rooseveld.

The Golden Dawn
Title: Re: John de Nugent
Post by: IMPERIUM on January 24, 2014, 09:56:49 AM

John de Nugent on Iranian TV prime time.

The Golden Dawn
Title: Re: John de Nugent
Post by: IMPERIUM on March 10, 2014, 09:21:48 AM

And until we solve it, until we put them firmly in their proper place:
they will lead us from war to fratricidal war, till they bleed us white - exterminate us.

The Golden Dawn
Title: Re: John de Nugent
Post by: IMPERIUM on April 26, 2014, 10:55:08 AM

A very good write up by John de Nugent.
An indefatigable fighter for the White Race.
We on this Sacred Island, Melita, wish him well.

Our common, eternal foe: IL GRIEDEN TAD DRENAGG! -
The sewage rats.
Those Rodents in Human Form.

Their era of Darkness ended in Dec. 2012.
Now, it is our Age: Kritayuga - The Aryan Age.
Our Victory is certain and within our grasp.

The Golden Dawn
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An indefatigable White Aryan Fighter.
We salute him and wish him well.
John de Nugent

"How do you know that a Jew is lying? His mouth is moving."

The Golden Dawn
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Growing signs of nearing race war in both America and Europe;


A must read.

The Golden Dawn

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The John de Nugent website full of information about what is essential for our survival.
The Jews who have destroyed America - History of the Red Indians and their incredible cruelty on White women and children.
High Politics and so much more.

We salute John de Nugent and wish him well in his life long fight on behalf of the White Race.

The Golden Dawn