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April 27, 2017, 07:18:28 AM

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World Politics / Re: Donald Trump for President
« Last post by IMPERIUM on April 26, 2017, 10:42:46 PM »

Ivanka Trump visited the world's largest, most expensive lavatory.
Where one can piss on the Jews and feel relieved.
Watch photos of this disgraceful charade by the President's daughter, who married a Rodent who will betray and destroy her father.

The Golden Dawn

Local Politics / Re: Malta's Third Party?
« Last post by IMPERIUM on April 26, 2017, 04:53:05 PM »

Greens to hold coalition talks with PN on Friday
AD deputy leader Carmel Cacopardo confirms PN coalition talks, says there's nothing wrong in discussing pre-electoral pact despite differences

Alternattiva Demokratika's leadership will be meeting PN leader Simon Busuttil and his right-hand man Mario de Marco on Friday to hold talks on forming a coalition ahead of the imminent elections....



This further clears the Ballot Paper.
Makes Moviment Patriottiku Malti (MPM) stand out as the only sane voice, a Right Wing Party on the local scene.
All the rest are a Kawlata: no ideology, no principles - so much so the opportunists jump from one wagon to the next.

The Golden Dawn
Dominium / Re: A Europe of Regions and Peoples
« Last post by Königsberger on April 26, 2017, 09:35:21 AM »

Only NE and IE can rectify the injustices suffered by these regions, and others.
On Historical Events / Re: Israel after 58 years
« Last post by IMPERIUM on April 25, 2017, 07:19:23 PM »

Tuesday, April 25, 2017, 18:07

Netanyahu snubs German minister over plan to meet rights groups

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has cancelled talks with Germany's visiting foreign minister, snubbing Sigmar Gabriel over his decision to meet groups critical of Israel's treatment of Palestinians.
The dispute threatened to widen a rift between Israel and Germany over the Palestinian issue. Berlin has been increasingly critical of the settlement policies of Netanyahu's right-wing government in territory Palestinians seek for a state.
"The meeting is cancelled," said David Keyes, a Netanyahu spokesman.
"Imagine if foreign diplomats visiting the United States or Britain met with NGOs that call American or British soldiers war criminals. Leaders of those countries would surely not accept this."
On Monday, an Israeli official had said Netanyahu, who is also foreign minister, would not see Gabriel if he went ahead with meeting the Israeli group "Breaking the Silence".
The organisation, a frequent target of criticism by the Israeli government, collects testimony from Israeli veterans about the military's treatment of Palestinians in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.
Gabriel said before the cancellation was announced that it would be "a remarkable event, to put it mildly", if Netanyahu called off their meeting.
Speaking later during a meeting with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, Gabriel said: "You can absolutely be sure we are committed to the friendship, the partnership and the special relationship with Israel and nothing will change this."
Keyes played down the impact of the the spat, saying: "Our relations with Germany are very important and will not be affected by this."
Germany sees itself as one of Israel's closest allies and the cooperation and trade links are extensive. The legacy of the Nazi-era Holocaust, in which six million Jews were killed during World War Two, means ties are highly charged.
Gabriel said it was normal to talk to civil society representatives in Israel, a view that drew expressions of support from Israeli opposition leaders.
"Imagine if the Israeli prime minister ... came to Germany and wanted to meet people critical of the government and we said that is not possible ... that would be unthinkable," Gabriel told Germany's ZDF television.
A spokesman for Breaking the Silence declined to comment on Netanyahu's decision to snub Gabriel, or on the details of its planned meeting with the German minister, which the Peace Now movement said it would also attend along with the B'Tselem rights group.
Roderich Kiesewetter, a lawmaker from German Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union party, told Die Welt newspaper the Israeli leader had "made a mistake" in shunning Gabriel, "a good friend of Israel".
In February, Netanyahu ordered the reprimand of the Belgian ambassador after Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel met with representatives of Breaking the Silence and B'Tselem during his visit to the region.
Right-wing Israeli politicians accuse the groups of damaging Israel's reputation abroad and putting Israeli soldiers and officials at risk of prosecution. They dislike the fact that some NGOs receive funds from EU countries.
Gabriel, a Social Democrat who has spoken publicly about his rift with his late father, a convinced Nazi, is visiting the Middle East to press for a two-state solution to the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.
Germany in March cancelled an annual meeting of German and Israeli leaders planned for May amid rising frustration in Berlin with settlement activity in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.
In 2016, Israel passed a law requiring non-government organizations that receive more than half their funding from foreign governments or bodies to provide details of their donations. The legislation was largely seen as targeting left-wing organisations such as Breaking the Silence and B'tselem, and it drew international criticism.


The arrogance and ingratitude of the Jews - these Rodents in Human Form.
Germany that gave them millions, billions of euros in reparation of a Hoax - the 6 million gassed and cremated Rodents.
Germany, that supplied them with submarines that carry nuclear warheads - they could lie silent for weeks off Italy's West Coast and destroy most of our European cities: Rome, Vienna, Paris...

Such vessels could lie in wait off Iran's coast and provoke a nuclear war: blaming their friends, the Americans of course.
These Vermin and their illegal Terrorist State - behind all Terrorism, anywhere in the world.
The Mischief Makers - but everyone is leaving them and soon, even Boobus Americanus will tire of carrying the ugly dwarf on his shoulders.

Soon, Atlas will shrug off the Golem.


The Golden Dawn
Music and Dance / Re: Currently playing
« Last post by IMPERIUM on April 25, 2017, 06:58:48 PM »

Madcap (Ludo Mlado) Remix 2009

A modern rendition of a Bulgarian Folk Song.


The Golden Dawn
Count the Immigrants / Re: Illegal Immigrants 2013 - Comments
« Last post by argo on April 25, 2017, 05:16:52 PM »
This corrupt, traitorous government will sell anything for money. Not content with selling Maltese citizenships/passports, they now want to sell what little is left of the country to the EU for 'refugees'. Who will benefit from the €60,000 per invader?

Malta proposes cash-for-refugees EU scheme
Malta proposes incentive scheme that could see EU countries paid €60,000 for every refugee they take in

Malta has proposed that EU countries be paid €60,000 for every asylum seeker they take in over and above their EU-set quota.
The proposal, as reported by Reuters, suggests that at times of high numbers of people seeking asylum, the distribution of people across the bloc would kick in "quasi-automatically" and each country would be obliged to take a number of them based on its size and wealth.
"In order to overcome the political obstacle to receive an unknown number of persons ... an EU overall cap for allocations could, for example, be set at 200,000 applications per calendar year," the proposal reads.
The scheme is intended to incentivises EU member states, in particular Eastern European ones, to take in more refugees.
EU member states only managed to relocate some 17,000 asylum seekers from Italy and Greece over the past two years under an EU relocation scheme that had been aimed to relocate 160,000 people. A mandatory relocation quota has led to fierce resistance in some countries, including Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.
The relocation system formally expires in September and several EU leaders are pushing for a new agreement by the middle of this year. If that fails, as seems likely, the EU is set for a big showdown over migration in the second half of 2017.
The Lounge / Re: Eman W Cross
« Last post by Eman Cross1 on April 25, 2017, 12:57:48 PM »

The Israeli Air Force has carried out two bombing raids against anti-ISIS army forces in the west of Syria as part of the Jewish ethnostate’s long-running campaign to disrupt the Syrian government’s military campaign against the terrorist army.

According to a report by the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), a military source announced that the “Israeli enemy’s warplanes fired two missiles at 18:45 from within occupied territory at a military position in the surroundings of Khan Arnabeh in Quneitra countryside, causing material damage.”
The “occupied territory” being referred to is the Golan Heights, which Israel seized in 1967, and annexed against all international law.
The SANA report said that the Israeli “aggression came after an attempt by terrorists to infiltrate military positions in Quneitra countryside was foiled and the terrorists suffered heavy losses.”
This, SANA said, “proves that Israel provides direct support to terrorist organizations,” adding that their source “affirmed that such desperate attempts will not dissuade the Army and Armed Forces from continuing to crush the terrorist groups that act as Israel’s proxy in the area.”
A follow-up report in Al Jazeera revealed that Sunday’s attacks targeted fighters loyal to the Syrian government in the Naba al-Fawwar area of Quneitra province, which is located in the 30 percent of the Golan Heights that is not under Israeli occupation.
Three fighters from the pro-government National Defence Forces (NDF) were killed and at least two more were wounded in the attack, an NDF official said.
The terrorist armies fighting Syria’s Bashar al-Assad government and its allies control much of the Quneitra area.
Unusually, the Israeli Army confirmed that it had targeted positions inside Syria in retaliation for mortar fire that hit the northern part of the occupied Golan Heights.
“The Israeli army targeted the source of the fire,” an army statement said without giving further details.
In reality, the terrorist groups operating in the area against the Syrian government often operate close to Israeli lines—because Israel treats their wounded in hospitals inside the Jewish state, and it is therefore inevitable that the Israeli side will be hit occasionally by stray rounds.
The Israelis however always take these stray rounds as an excuse to bomb Syrian government positons.
The Jerusalem Post even admitted as much, saying that the Israeli attack was due to “errant rocket fire” caused by “fighting between Hezbollah and regime troops against rebel groups near Ain Ayshaa, Samadiniyah Sharqiyah & Madinat al-Baath near Quneitra.”
The other excuse which the Jewish ethnostate uses to attack the anti-ISIS forces in Syria is that they are “carrying weapons to Lebanon” to fight Israel—as if Syria could at this stage spare such military effort.
The Lebanese Hezbollah organization—most famous for defeating the 2006 Israeli invasion of Lebanon—is one of the Syrian government’s key military allies, providing tens of thousands of troops on the ground in the fight against ISIS.

The Golden Dawn
Physics / Re: The Genius of the White Race
« Last post by IMPERIUM on April 25, 2017, 11:00:39 AM »

Crosby High School students create a robot to solve a Rubik's Cub

Amazing! Truly the genius of the White Race.
Can one imagine a Black High School student coming out with such an invention?
They may plop a ball into a net, but that's about all.

Qed tara fejn hi l-Uwaljanza - Sinjura Ministru taz-zejziet ugwali!

The Golden Dawn

Health and well-being / Re: Why Euthanasia?
« Last post by IMPERIUM on April 25, 2017, 10:38:39 AM »

Labour youths in push for euthanasia
Forum Zaghzagh Laburisti has come out in favour of legalising euthanasia and will be urging the party to include it in its electoral manifesto

The youth section of the Labour Party (Forum Zaghzagh Laburisti) has come out in favour of legalising euthanasia and will be urging the party to include it in its electoral manifesto.
The FZL’s decision comes in the wake of a public debate on euthanasia it organised that was addressed by ALS sufferers Joe Magro and Challie Agius – both of whom have spoken publicly in favour of euthanasia.
Questions sent to the FZL on their moral rationale behind its new stance were left unanswered at the time of writing.
However, during last week’s conference, FZL president Alex Saliba warned that terminally ill people who are denied access to euthanasia could be driven to commit suicide. “It pains me to hear about people who plan to commit suicide if they are not allowed the option of euthanasia,” he said in an emotional speech.
“Suicide is often a taboo word in Malta, but the reality is that it is the only choice some people have left. It hurts me to see a person resorting to this option, instead of being allowed to die with dignity surrounded by his loved ones.”
He appealed for the debate on euthanasia to be a mature one, free from “simplistic” arguments such as that its legalisation will allow people to end their lives on a whim, or that it will represent another step towards the introduction of abortion.
FZL’s intervention is notable in that it is the first time the branch of a major political party in Malta has publicly come out in favour of euthanasia.
Opposition leader Simon Busuttil in January ruled out the possibility of an internal debate on euthanasia, arguing that he “is of the firm opinion that there is a fundamental right to life but no right to die”.
In February 2016, Alternattiva Demokratika chairman Arnold Cassola told MaltaToday that while the Green Party has no position on euthanasia, it has no intention to discuss it.
There have been conflicting declarations regarding the Labour Party’s stance towards the issue. MEP and former Prime Minister Alfred Sant has come out in favour of euthanasia, but during a recent parliamentary committee sitting, government Whip Godfrey Farrugia insisted that Labour was fully opposed to euthanasia.
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has said he is personally against the introduction of euthanasia but has called for an honest and non-partisan debate after meeting Magro. “He told me that if he is not allowed euthanasia by law, then when the time comes he will kill myself,” he said.
“Those words shocked me as a politician and as a person, and I was left at a loss as to how to respond.”


We of Imperium Europa were the first to proclaim our stand in favour of Euthanasia.
This was in 1999 in our Book: CREDO: A Book for the very few. - We stood alone, vilified and denigrated.
Now, 20 years later, the Squalids have summoned up the courage to take a stand.

Our course, The Greens will not pronounce themselves on the issue.
What a poor party, a risible party led by that Bassa ta-Soru!
We of Imperium Europa, will exterminate them politically at the next MEP Elections.

The Golden Dawn
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