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February 22, 2018, 09:26:39 PM

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Author Topic: The Independent  (Read 94657 times)
Norman Lowell
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« Reply #1520 on: August 16, 2017, 10:33:42 AM »

TMID Editorial: Migration - Listen to the voice of the people

We may not be paying enough attention to what the people out there are saying.

Let us take some opinions, or reactions, from people who wrote in comments on our own website over the recent days.

A correspondent, who signed as ‘Tourist’ wrote: ‘Malta received over 1,500+ asylum seekers in 2016. Out of this 1,300-1,400 MUST have come through Italy because Malta received only a few from the sea and over 100+ through EU-relocation of asylum seekers that Muscat and Labour are fans of.

This 1,300-1,400 asylum seekers could have been PREVENTED from coming to Malta if government had demanded that Italy-Malta ferries thoroughly check IDs before leaving Italy and only let on board only people who have EU ID or visa to travel in EU or a passport from a country to which Malta has given visa-freedom.

Malta could have also demanded that Italy takes these back because EU Dublin agreement has a protocol of returning asylum seekers to the first country even IF they managed to avoid registering their fingerprints or asylum application in there. These asylum seekers come to Malta because it is EASY to get asylum in Malta with Malta giving 83% either asylum or subsidiary protection.’

Next, this same correspondent wrote: ‘Maltese acceptance rate for asylum claims is among the highest in EU at 83% that is why during 2016 Malta lured 1,300-1,400 asylum seekers from Italy because they know that from Malta one gets asylum or subsidiary protection EASILY.

ALL EU-relocations and transferring asylum seekers around in solidarity lures more people to come to Europe in total thereby worsening the situation.

Malta should demand that Italy registers everyone saved at sea and also demand that the ferry company starts thorough ID checks on the Italy-Malta ferries to stop onward movement of asylum seekers from Italy to Malta. Malta should return back to Italy everyone that has come from Italy like EU Dublin agreement allows.

There would be less people coming to Italy if there was NO WAY forward from Italy so Italy's policy of NOT registering all saved at sea as asylum seekers has to be stopped and Italy has to start registering everyone.’

So far, the claims made in these comments have not been officially denied. So we feel we are justified to ask whether it is true that more than 1,500 asylum seekers came to Malta from Italy in 2016. For we have been lulled by the absence of boats bringing migrants to our shores and did not notice that migrants were coming in nevertheless. Not on boats, but legally from Italy. The end result is that the population of asylum seekers in Malta grows bigger and bigger.

There does not seem to have been steps taken by the government of Malta to stem this flood. These people, along with others who come in with a European passport in hand but with no skills to speak of, join the sub-proletariat that is growing by leaps and bounds. These are the people who tend to find work in the waste collection sector, in the building sector, etc. But as more and more come in, there must be less jobs to go round. And thus these unfortunates are pushed into a marginalized life and petty crime is the invariable result.

They are also pushed to take up accommodation in rented places, turning the accommodation and the area in general into slums. We have many such slums around but nobody seems to speak about this reality.

This is a situation that, untreated, spawns populist speech and writing which has now stopped being marginal and is fast becoming mainline.

To refuse to face facts is to stoke fires that may come alive in the coming future.


Unbelievable! I had to check whether I was reading the zio-Independent.
A good, well written article that finally admits that we have a problem!
Read previous post.

The Golden Dawn
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 Imperium 1107

Norman Lowell
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« Reply #1521 on: September 19, 2017, 08:09:52 AM »

‘We’ve got to hold on to what we’ve got’
'As of tomorrow – when the newly elected PN leader officially takes up office – the bipartisan political system we have all known since Independence will be no more'

Once, many years ago, I said to myself: ‘If I ever end up quoting Jon Bon Jovi in a headline... well, that’s when you’ll know we’re approaching the very end of the very end.’ 

And oh look: I’ve just quoted Jon Bon Jovi in a headline. What more evidence do you need? End times are clearly at hand. So let’s not all pretend – as we usually do – to be ‘surprised’ when the whole shebang comes crashing down in flames about our ears. And let’s not delude ourselves that this is just a minor ‘blip’, either... a slight irregularity that will adjust itself over time. No, no, no. The changes now affecting Malta’s political landscape are of a permanent and irreversible nature. As of tomorrow – when the newly elected PN leader officially takes up office – the bipartisan political system we have all known since Independence will be no more.

Already there are graphic indications that one of the two major parties can no longer scrape together (or even come close to scraping together) a national majority. The last time the Nationalist Party won an election (2008) was also the first time it had ever governed without commanding more than 50% of the national vote. Over the next 10 years, its slice of the electoral pie has consistently diminished. In 2017, the PN even managed to lose two seats in what was previously – previously, mark you – its biggest stronghold: the 10th district. It has, in fact, been in complete free-fall for the
better part of a decade now.

There is a fairly straightforward reason for this, and it is the same reason I quoted Bon Jovi, above. The next line of that song goes: ‘It doesn’t make a difference if we make it or not’. Put those two verses together, and you have a reasonably accurate description of the entire Nationalist modus operandi at the moment. ‘We will doggedly stick to the only strategies and tactics we know... regardless if they actually work or not’.

Now: this wouldn’t be such a tragically fatal outlook, if the strategies and tactics in question were worth keeping.  I won’t begrudge Simon Busuttil for sticking religiously to the old mantra of ‘attack, attack, attack’. It worked admirably for Eddie Fenech Adami in his time. And though I disagreed with the approach, I could still see a certain logic in the assumption that a once-successful strategy might conceivably work again.

"In two hours of talk - and tiresome talk it was, too - neither of them breathed a single word about the future at all"

Besides: even if there were all along clear indications (i.e., the Gonzi experience) that times had changed, and that the approach should really have changed with them... well, these are realities that only become fully visible with hindsight. Simon Busuttil did not have the benefit of 20/20 hindsight until last June. (Sadly, he also lacked the faculty of foresight at any time before that; which explains why he went on to lose by an even greater margin than his predecessor.)

But this only emphasises the urgency of the problem today. Chris Said and Adrian Delia do not have Busuttil’s excuse. They do possess the benefit of hindsight. They have all the indicators they need – not least, the election result – to come up with a new (and above all different) trajectory for their party. Yet what are they both proposing? What did they actually come up with over some six weeks of intense campaigning?

In the last debate on NET TV last Thursday, both contestants were repeatedly asked to outline their vision for the future of the Nationalist Party. In two whole hours of talk – and tiresome talk it was, too, seeing as how they both heckled and interrupted each other incessantly – neither of them breathed a single word about the future at all.

Everything they said centred on the need to go backwards in time, and rediscover a forgotten age when the PN still knew how to win elections. Chris Said even said so explicitly, in no uncertain terms: his strategy to ‘return to winning ways’ involves rewinding the cassette to the last point at which it had played a victorious tune. Even his chosen slogan, ‘The Right Way’, is nothing but a deliberate rehash of Eddie’s ‘Is-Sewwa Jirbah Zgur’. It might have meant something 40 years ago... but we’re not exactly living 40 years ago, are we?

The bigger surprise, however, came from Adrian Delia. Again, Chris Said has an excuse which simply doesn’t apply to his rival. He was a veteran of both Gonzi and Busuttil’s administrations: which also means that the (limited) successes of those administrations – but also their many manifest failures – are in part attributable to Chris Said. It is for this reason alone that Said has no choice but to present himself as a ‘continuity candidate’. He cannot consign the old ways to history, without also consigning himself to the same fate.

But Adrian Delia? Wasn’t the whole point of his candidacy to wrest away the reins of the party from the people who had screwed things up so badly? Wasn’t he the ‘outsider’, whose merit rested squarely on the fact that he had no share whatsoever in any of the blame for the current state of the PN?
If so... why is he proposing exactly the same formula used by Lawrence Gonzi to transform a once-invincible party into a serial loser of elections? Why does Adrian Delia (just like Gonzi before him) present to us his own limited, narrow perspective, as if it were the only viewpoint that mattered?
Do I need to remind Delia that the PN started losing support precisely because of this stuck-up, antediluvian, ‘I-am-right-you-are-wrong’ attitude? Highly complex social and medical issues need to be met by highly complex and evolved policies. It is clearly not enough to base a party’s policies upon its leader’s private fetishes and fantasies. Not in the 21st century, at any rate.

Gonzi discovered this to his cost, when he unwisely tried to impose his own moral compass onto the PN on issues such as divorce. But to be fair to Gonzi, he was a lot less absolutist in his approach than Delia was last Thursday.

For instance: it is simply unacceptable that a potential future prime minister pre-emptively aborts any form of discussion on issues like abortion and euthanasia. Delia summed up his entire position on such matters in just two words: ‘absolutely not’. That is the approach of a tin-pot dictator... not the leader of a party that claims to have once ‘rescued democracy’.

There is an important irony is that statement, by the way: for the PN can indeed justify its claims to have been a force for democracy in the past. Freedom of expression was under severe threat by the government that preceded Eddie Fenech Adami’s in 1987. Now: I will resist the temptation to go off on a tangent about how the transition could actually have been handled much better... certain basic rights continued to be denied us even long after that cut-off date... but the fact remains that it is partly thanks to the PN that we are no longer living in an age of absolutes.

This country has clearly progressed beyond the stage where we needed a prime minister’s permission just to discuss things... and the PN can take some of the credit for that.

So all we needed, I suppose, was Dr Adrian Delia – the man who claims to want to ‘restore the PN to its former ‘glory’ – threatening to roll back even that milestone achievement. ‘There will be no discussion on the subject,’ we were told, ‘because Mr Bigshot Head Honcho doesn’t want the issue to be discussed.’ 

Erm... sorry, Mr Bigshot Head Honcho, but that is not your call to make. It will not be Adrian Delia (nor Chris Said, whose views on such matters are identical) to simply ban any future discussion because he doesn’t like the subject. The subject will be discussed, with or without their input. And if either of them intends to turn this into a case of ‘my way or the highway’... I can assure them from now that the rest of the country will gladly take the highway, as it has always done in the past.

Meanwhile... much more seriously, from the perspective of a leadership election... if both candidates represent identical approaches, and each promises to repeat the exact same mistakes as his predecessors... what the hell is there even to choose between them?

Once again, the question is more relevant to Delia: who, after all, is the only one claiming to represent a ‘New Way’. So... why on earth does he do nothing but parrot and echo Chris Said’s own arguments?

It’s uncanny: no other word to describe it.  Chris Said delivers a five minute expose of his archaic reasoning – still using the same old ancestral slogans and mantras (eg, ‘Solidarjeta’) that date back to the Cold War... and a few seconds later, Adrian Delia repeats almost exactly the same sentiments, in almost exactly the same words. Both espouse the same ‘principles’ and ‘values’ (though neither seems capable of articulating what those ‘principles’ and ‘values’ even are...). And, more incredibly still, both seem to think that there is nothing about the Nationalist Party’s ethos and ‘core beliefs’ that even needs to change.

If that’s the case... then quite frankly I see no reason for the PN to change leader, either. It’s like deciding who gets to steer the Titanic headlong into an iceberg. Does it even matter? If the old captain only knows one course to set for the ship, and doggedly refuses to realise the danger... and if the incoming replacement captain has no intention of changing that course even by the tiniest of degrees... no, not even when the iceberg is looming dead ahead on the horizon... and if (to bring this impossibly long sentence to an end) both your two aspiring future captains suddenly start singing: ‘We’ve got to hold on to what we’ve got... doesn’t make a difference if we make it or not...”
... well, who the heck is going to care which one of those two losers ends up going down with the sinking ship? We’ll all be too busy trying to squeeze ourselves into a lifeboat to even notice...

A good analysis of the malaise of the PN - after 10 terrible years of Gonzi.
Then Simon, the King of Burden Sharing.
And now Delia - will he be more of the same?

First, Simon has to have the decency to vacate his seat in Parliament.
He should be the one to make way for the new Leader - and nobody else!
That will manifestly show, the PN has finally abandoned 25 years of Hypocrisy.

The Golden Dawn
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 Imperium 1107

Norman Lowell
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« Reply #1522 on: September 28, 2017, 06:57:59 PM »

Read previous post.

This is the stupidest comment of the lot - by a Liberal Educated Idiot

Robin Vella Luca Briffa • 8 days ago

You are so incredibly ignorant. Genetics and DNA are common to all humanity and every strand of humanity has its immense achievements. The Middle East and Asia Minor are the cradle of civilisation. The first writing, the first accountants, the first bankers, the first cities, the first of almost everything was started by people who are the direct descendants of the Semitic, African and Asian people living there today. Great Zimbabwe was a towering civilisation built by Africans, Ethiopia is one of the world's few ancient nations that traces its origin and culture to over a thousand unbroken years. India, China and the nations of Asia bequeathed some of the world's greatest civilisations and philosophies that are still of huge influence to this day. China and India will be then world's largest economies in your lifetime. The civilisations of the Maya and the Aztec and the Inca are not less great because they were defeated by the Spaniards, the same Spaniards who had been under Arab and Muslim rule for 800 years. Thanks to Muslim empires, the works rediscovered the lost works of the Romans and the Greeks, who were themselves polyglot civilisations drawn from Africa, Europe and Asia. Rome had emperors born in Tunisia, in Spain, in Germany who were not from the original tiny heartland that spawned the original Roman Republic


Notice the tyrannical arrogance and ignorance of the modern day Liberal.
He is so obfuscated by his Equalitarian view that he completely ignores RACE - and instead focuses on Geography and modern populations.
These are the professorial Marxists, infecting our youth at University.

"The Middle East and Asia Minor are the cradle of civilisation."
Indeed, and the Sumerians were WHITES.
And the whole of Greater Syria was WHITE, including the Hellenist Galilee (Christ).

The Aristocratic, Pharaonic Elite were WHITE - indeed Ramses was a red-head - Nefertiti a platinum haired blond with blue eyes.
The present Egyptians have nothing to do with such people - Egyptians today are the mish-mash, the mixed breeds of the Upper Nile: the Sudan.
Ethiopians are peripheral Whites, according to Carlton Coon, and assimilate after 3 generations (Italian Ethiopids).

"Great Zimbabwe was a towering civilisation built by Africans,"
Hahahahah - "The Great Zimbabwe ruins" (to which I've been): is a crude enclosure of mud bricks and clay -
a pen, a prison built by the Arab slave traders - a holding post, keeping captured Blacks on their way to Zanzibar.

"India, China and the nations of Asia bequeathed some of the world's greatest civilisations and philosophies that are still of huge influence to this day."
You fool.  India is the most racist country in the world, with a caste system that lasted 3,000 years.
Again, India's Brahmin and Kshatriya were WHITE - and were gradually diluted through Racial Mixture with the Dravidians.
China's Aristocracy and Philosophers were WHITES (Lao Tzu was a tall, blue eyed blonde with hair on his chest.)

"The civilisations of the Maya and the Aztec and the Inca are not less great because they were defeated by the Spaniards,"
These low intelligence, simple people were taught carpentry and building by WHITES - as they themselves admit in their oral history.
They were practically slaves, zombies and some Tribes eg in Paraguay, were exploited by the Jesuits, who created the perfect Socialist Hell.

"Thanks to Muslim empires, the works rediscovered the lost works of the Romans and the Greeks,"
Not true.  This was Magna Greca, mostly WHITE - not exactly the forefathers of ISIS - again Racial Miscegenation destroyed them.
Only in the later stages of utter decline, did Roman Emperors become swarthy, even pygmy Black.

Greece and Rome lasted only so long as they kept their Race intact and unmixed.
Every Civilisation we know of, was destroyed when the original stock mixed with inferior, invading aliens (a soft suicide).
Race is everything - not present geographical lines on the map and their hotch potch populations.

Robin Vella is to be pitied - he has been "educated" by Liberals  - and he himself does them credit.
He is to-day's, ignorant and arrogant Liberal strutting about, crowing on his little dung heap.
He is already past tense, but he does not know it

The Golden Dawn
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Boycott The Times and The Sunday Times.
Do not post there, do not buy a copy of either, do not advertise.
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 Imperium 1107

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« Reply #1523 on: January 13, 2018, 08:10:45 AM »

Metsola urges European Union to protect Maltese, other media

Friday, 12 January 2018

Member of the European Parliament for Malta Roberta Metsola has spoken up in the European Parliament in favour of press freedom and reiterated the PN delegation call for European legislation to protect Maltese and other EU media houses.

Addressing the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, where she is the EPP Group Coordinator, Metsola said, "Without an unshackled media, we would only have the illusion of a proper democracy, a mockery of how the rule of law should function".

Her comments come as the European Parliament report on the deterioration of the rule of law in Malta is published. Apart from calling for Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi to be brought to justice, the report also states that media pluralism and independence is crucial in Malta for the rule of law to be guaranteed.

Commenting on the rule of law report, Metsola said that “it is sad and shameful that Joseph Muscat has brought all this on us all,” underlining that that “we will keep fighting to show that the actions of the corrupt few do not characterise the people of Malta and Gozo, and we will keep pushing to strengthen the rule of law."

The European Parliament is currently debating a report on media pluralism and media freedom in the European Union. Metsola noted the threats and the harassment that members of the press face on a daily basis, calling this "unacceptable". She stressed the importance of European Anti-SLAPP legislation that will protect media houses from intimidation by lawsuits overseas designed to intimidate.

"Media freedom is a cornerstone of our European societies. More than a fundamental right, we must see it as a fundamental rule of the way we are governed and a pillar of the rule of law," said Metsola.

Dr Metsola added, "It is the press that keeps us politicians in check, who continue to seek the truth even when lies are easier digested." Dr Metsola went on to pay tribute to Daphne Caruana Galizia who was assassinated in October last year, emphasising her courage determination to find the truth.

The report on media pluralism and media freedom will be voted upon in the coming months.

What a hypocrite and party loyalist she is.
During the last MEP campaign she didn't utter a single word against the Times of Malta when they published a list of ALL female candidates and purposely left out Arlette Baldacchino who contested under the banner of Imperium Europa. She didn't care about democracy and fake news back then.
Later on, news emerged about Adrian Hillman and his 'involvements' in Allied Newspapers. This irritated Metsola and Co., because one is of course irritated when the tide is not in his favour rather than by the tide itself.
This is the world of cobwebs and lies we're living in, where so-called 'politicians' attack each other under the pretence of defending democracy. They're the worst of the lot: the most undemocratic, the most rotten.
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