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July 26, 2017, 04:36:30 PM

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Author Topic: An Introduction to Nietzsche  (Read 4470 times)
Norman Lowell
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« Reply #30 on: March 26, 2017, 07:56:25 PM »

What a splendid presentation of Friedrich Nietzsche - indeed the Genius of the Modern World.
9mins: "he began to see Christianity as a pernicious influence that encouraged a disengagement from the world."
Indeed a poison: anti survival, anti Nature and anti life. 

Christianity focused on the after world - earth became to be seen as a bleak place - that Life has to be endured, not celebrated.
Without the Christian god however, Life no longer had a higher Spiritual purpose.
Nietzsche now dedicated himself to finding a New Meaning in Life.

An Affirmation of Life in spite of its pain - as against Schopenhauer's bleak pessimism.
Then came Wagner and Nietzsche was smitten - Art, especially Music as an antidote to Life's misery.
Wagner as the Torchbearer to a New Renaissance of Greek splendor, in place of the morbidity of Christianity.   

The importance of Dionysus to Nietzsche - even more important that the logic of Apollo.
For Nietzsche, Dionysus was the real centre of Greek Tragedy and meaning of Life.
Dionysus as an Affirmation of Life - of the here and now - the dithyrambic transcendental experience.

The stuffy life of a Professor at University, became a phobia for Nietzsche.
The key to life, he was now convinced is "to live dangerously".
He resigned his Professorship from Basel University.

Nietzsche discovers the peace, the beauty of Sils Maria, the birthplace of Zarathustra.
The huge rock beside which Nietzsche first came out with his "Eternal Recurrence".
Was that Life?  Then Yes, let's have it again!

Lou Salome: the heart rendering refusal of marriage - Nietzsche devastated, suicidal.
He had to overcome himself and "turn all this muck into gold".
And he did! Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

Then came Genealogy of Morals - how our morals came to be.
The triumph of Christianity, it's persistence in a Godless world - it's obsession with the weak.
Truly, Christianity is a Slave Morality - it is dangerous for our future - Altruism, compassion, charity will kill us all.

If we have to survive we have to have the Great Individuals (ubermensch) who drive us forward.
Christianity tries to pull these individuals down - for that is the core nature of Christianity: hate, envy for the strong and truly good.
The Supermen embrace a Master Morality - a morality that ennobles them, strengthens them.

Turin: and the plunge into "madness" - just when his books started selling.
Just when he was going to write: The Will to Power: A Revaluation of All Values.
Thank you Eman for uploading this interesting Introduction to Nietzsche.

The Golden Dawn

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Boycott The Times and The Sunday Times.
Do not post there, do not buy a copy of either, do not advertise.
Hurt Them in the only way they understand.

 Imperium 1107

Norman Lowell
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« Reply #31 on: April 23, 2017, 10:36:56 AM »


 Some Quotes:

Nietzsche praised the Jews in his earlier writings – but harshly criticized them later:

1.   In the Jews all the repellent qualities of man are present to an exceptional degree.
2.   The stock exchange Jew is the most repulsive specimen of the human race.
3.   They are so sure of their intellectual suppleness and shrewdness that they never, in their worst straits, need to earn their bread by physical labour.
4.   Their souls have never known chivalrous, noble sentiments.
5.   The command “Love your enemies” had to be invented by the Jews – the best haters that have ever been.
6.   The Jews performed the miracle of the inversion of values. In this the significance of the Jews is to be found. It is with them that the slave insurrection in morals commenced.
7.   The Jews are the most evil of enemies, because they are the most powerless. Their hate grows amongst them into something huge and terrifying, to the most spiritual and most poisonous manifestations.
8.   The Jews “redemption” of humanity goes forward. The progress of this poison through the entire body of mankind seems irresistible.
9.   The Jews claim all the virtues for themselves without further ado – and count the rest of the world their opposites: a profound sign of a vulgar soul.
10.   They are of the basest origin, outcastes from respectable society, raised away from even the smell of culture, without discipline, without knowledge, without the remotest suspicion that there is such a thing as conscience in spiritual matters.
11.   With an instinctive ability to create an advantage, when Jews step forward as innocence itself, then the danger is great.
12.   The Jew is the master of the European press.
13.   Rome felt that the Jew was something contrary to nature itself, its monstrous polar opposite, as it were. In Rome the Jew was considered “guilty of hatred against the entire human race£. And that view was correct, to the extent that we are right to link the health and the future of the human race to the unconditional rule of aristocratic values, the Roman values.
14.   When confronted with the question “to be or not to be” the Jews chose to be…at any price. This price involved the radical falsification of all nature, of all reality, of the whole inner and outer world. – they defied all conditions under which, hitherto a people had been able to live or had even been permitted to live; they evolved an idea which stood in direct opposition to natural conditions – one by one they distorted religion, civilization, morality, history and psychology until each became a contradiction of its natural significance.
15.   Christianity is not a reaction to Jewish instincts: it is their inevitable product: it is simply one more step in the awe inspiring logic of the Jews.
16.   The Jews have been able to put themselves at the head of all decadent movements.
17.   They have a vital interest in mankind sick and in confusing the values of good and bad, true and false – in a manner that is not only dangerous to life, but also slanders it.
18.   Because of Jews, morality is no longer a reflection of the conditions which make for the sound life and development of the people.  It is no longer the primary life-instinct: instead it has become abstract and in opposition to life – a fundamental perversion.
19.   Nothing was left of history after that counterfeiter in hatred had reduced it to his uses. Surely not reality, surely not historical truth! Once more the instinct of the Jew perpetrated the same old master crime against history – he simply concocted his own.
20.   The positive genius for conjuring up a delusional “holiness” unmatched anywhere else, either in books or by men: this elevation of fraud in word and attitude to the level of an art – all this is not an accident due to the chance talents of an individual, or to any violation of nature. The thing responsible is race.
21.   To give one’s own will the name of God – that is essentially Jewish.


The Golden Dawn
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Boycott The Times and The Sunday Times.
Do not post there, do not buy a copy of either, do not advertise.
Hurt Them in the only way they understand.

 Imperium 1107

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« Reply #32 on: April 23, 2017, 08:20:27 PM »

Master Morality and slave morality.
Aristocrats and slaves.
Hierarchy and the leveling down.

Imperium Europa as against Christian Hypocrisy, Socialism and Communism.
And the 3 sprang out of the Revolt of the Slaves.
And the 3 sprouted out of Christianity.

Needed: the extirpation of this abject religion fit for children and slaves.
The replacement of the Jewish (Tarsus) Christianity with an authentic Kristianity.
And for the Elite:  Cosmotheism.

The Golden Dawn

Although imbibed with an irrevocable obsession with death and  suffering, the suffrage of the masses, the culling of ideas and "essence de vie" en masse is slowly withering away. By way of the very natural process of evolution. Un-bundling the residual strenghts of Christianity, one can note that a will to transmit strength onto others is congruent with the natural laws of survival and succession. I leave but to question why the religious entities and media, divest themselves of promoting the "anointed" Kristos, and in lieu of such avers a mass bombardment of death, mortido and plight. The answer may very well be vested in those who dare to question the very roots of Catholicism.
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