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February 24, 2018, 02:47:33 PM

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Author Topic: Why you are failing?  (Read 2401 times)
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« on: August 10, 2012, 06:32:46 PM »

Failure is a nasty word,i know but this Maltese moment is very critical in time and every Maltese men and women should change momentum.We need to promote saving our country but as soon as someone stood up ,out of everywhere, pointed  out fingers expressions of anger and utters of Racist ,Racist.
   To be honest we are surrounded by traitors,some people want to be traitors ,maybe some don`t even know that they are traitors.
   Maybe the first category of traitors are those ones that you refer to them as the do gooders ,the humanitarian organizations ,those that are jeopardizing the Maltese resources ,abundantly,blindly and unconditonally without limits.Those that don`t care about the maltese families and continue to watch this crisis of illegal immigration and contribute to these people more and more.
There are many of them ,i know and with that point i aggree with you.
   But here is the other side of the coin .i am going to put you in the picture of this scenario.What did you give to the Maltese People in reality?Your seed spoiled our hope.and i will try to explain.
  You tried to get involved in Politics ,you know,pretending that you succeed without first winning your people,the Maltese people.You were always speaking about illegal immigration ,using harsh ,incredible words and several adjectives described by many people as racial comments and pretended to be on the top of everyone in a short fraction of time.
  You managed to win some people ,some 10 thousand votes ,a nice crowd at the Safi meeting and at Valletta but then you ended up alone in Court ,pretending you were a super hero and today you fell in complete silence.
      The situation escalated when some of your fans continued to post photographs ,on facebook and now because of this similar agenda ,every person that tries to stand up against illegal immigration is immediately labelled as racist.
   As you know on facebook ,a group Daqshekk ghall immigrazzjoni llegalli ,tried to take some action and formed this group after the incident involved the detention soldiers and the Mali migrant some months ago.look at the stupid photos they are postingThey didn t manage ,even to make a march protest like the illegal immigrants had done themselves in velleta following thier friends death.
   You may still ask what `s the point of this man.
My point is that for you to be a good politician ,you must first win the people.You know what the Maltese Laws are.Don `t be stupid ,you are bright enough ,there is a way all of us can pass through this.
  You want to save Malta?now it s our time .People are not interested ,about degrading photos of African Poeple or how is the colour of the skin .People are concerned about ililegal immigration .We,The people are not interested about the genes or skin colour ,we are concerned about the Maltese Resources,Foreigners getting our jobs,working illegally without paying taxes and we ourselves pay taxes for the illegal migration.We are concerned about how many of these people were in fact grantes any refuggee status and why the others who failed thier application are still in Malta.
   We want to know why many employers reduced their employee salaries and since the Maltese are not accepting these volume of poor wages ,foreign people are filling these jobs.This is a conspriracy in itself.
   I have nothing against the African People in a true sense.If i was in thier situation  and i will have a chance ,i will do exactly like them.I have against the Maltese institution though of not doing anything,bringing us false solutuions on the table like the Burden Sharing.It was a complete ridicolous solution .We have to attack on Illegal migration,there is nothing legal in it.
  We have to clean our hands and stop doing the continuation with the Libyan human smugglers ,We have to stop thier wheel ,otherwise we a,the Maltese will be thier accomplices.After all ,hundreds of People crossing from Libya to Europe were lost at sea.Should we contribute to this loss.
  The people should be shown slowly the Maltese situation and we have to gain thier trust ,slowly and slowly .Aggressive speeches only send the people away .Intelligence talks will win trust and courage.The Maltese people do not hate illegal immigrants ,we only want to stop illegal immigration and every person that is residing here illegally ,any Nationality should be sent immediately to his respective country.This is what the people want.
   Maybe some one here reading this will side with the Maltese People and change momentum ,then we can have the big mass meeting Malta had ever seen.

Good Luck
The Inspirator.
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« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2012, 01:19:29 AM »

New Members are kindly requested to post a short introduction in the Newbies Thread before posting comments, particularly specific questions aimed at one of our Senior Members.,10208.msg427.html#msg427

After you've introduced yourself you are welcome to post your opinions and comments in their proper section. 
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« Reply #2 on: August 12, 2012, 01:40:11 PM »

Dear Administrator,

I just did as you instructed me to do.Please also understand that in my previous post i am not opposing anyone,i have my ideas , empowering to  any person that is called by his intution  to save Malta from illegal immigration and what he should do before he thinks he is powerful enough to resolve this issue.By understanding what the Maltese people want exactly he will never face alone .
He will never break the maltese law again and use the term illegal immigrants instead of any other wordings or adjectives against a group of people.illegal migration is illegal and anyone talking about it cannot be criticised,because what`s illegal is in fact illegal.Anyone understanding this can take the action Malta needs very soon,not remaining in a spot halted ,alone .
I just want to show a solution that i think it is necessary to gain the trust of the Maltese Civilization before the start.

with respect

The new inspirator.
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Wisdom of Jainism
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Chote Baba Re

« Reply #3 on: December 10, 2016, 09:25:25 PM »

we are surrounded by traitors,some people want to be traitors ,maybe some don`t even know that they are traitors.

Puoi dirlo forte !
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