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Title: The spread of HIV
Post by: adspi on May 17, 2013, 01:23:23 PM

and he goes on saying:

"Healthcare service providers should not perceive the presence of asylum seekers as creating new problems, rather the approach should be focused on highlighting gaps in existing heathcare provision and taking a proactive role towards providing the best service possible"

Educate Idiots are coming out of Malta's University
Title: Re: The spread of HIV
Post by: adspi on May 17, 2013, 02:55:21 PM

Zimbabwe immigrants account for half of Aids cases in UK

A SHOCK report by the British government has revealed that half of new HIV cases reported in Britain came from Zimbabwean immigrants, New can reveal today

The Health Protection Agency which monitors communicable diseases, warned that up to half of new cases diagnosed in 2002 came from Zimbabwe, with women being diagnosed at twice the rate of men.

Such is the concern among authorities the AIDS crisis facing Britain's African community is to be tackled by UK ministers amid fears that cultural taboos are hampering the battle against infection.

The number of Zimbabwean immigrants arriving in the UK has increased in the past three years as people flee repression from President Mugabe’s regime. Official figures show that there are between 28 000 to 30 000 Zimbabweans living in the United Kingdom. At least 10 000 of those are in London and the rest are scattered across England, Wales and Scotland.

A quarter of cases of HIV in England and Wales are now among people of African origin, though they form less than 1 per cent of the population.
And doctors are alarmed not just at the rise in immigrant cases, but at the spread of the virus through Britain's settled black community.

Trevor Phillips, chair of race watchdog the Commission for Racial Equality, told The Observer newspaper it was time to confront some uncomfortable truths, including what he called 'the nonsense and fears' of some African men.

‘There are some people within the African community who are in denial, because African men say "it's a gay thing, African men aren't gay, ergo it can't be anything to do with us”,’ he said.

'We will never break through that until we start to discuss it.'

Until now many doctors and politicians have fought shy of highlighting the issue, fearing it could be twisted for racist propaganda purposes. But Melanie Johnson, the Public Health Minister, will meet experts this week to discuss ways of combating the crisis. The Government is overhauling its HIV strategy: options include new advertising messages, and education programmes aimed at the black community.

In a briefing to HIV experts this month, the Health Protection Agency warned that up to half of new cases diagnosed in 2002 came from just one country, Zimbabwe. But Africans are also 'at risk of acquiring HIV infection sexually in the UK.

HIV rates are less alarming among Afro-Caribbeans, but still disproportionately high, particularly in south London.

Official figures show a 20 per cent in new HIV diagnoses in the year to 2003, with around 4,300 new cases transmitted heterosexually - most acquired in Africa and mainly in Zimbabwe. African women are being diagnosed at twice the rate of African men, but this could be because antenatal testing is now routine. The rate of infected pregnant women virtually doubled in inner London between 1993 and 2002, says the HPA, despite staying almost unchanged elsewhere in England.

Phillips said there was no point in sweeping such facts under the carpet simply for fear of encouraging the anti-immigration lobby.

Johnson will hold talks with Max Sesay, chief executive of the African Health Policy Network. Some London boroughs are already using community and religious leaders to push safe sex messages. Experts say there is evidence that condom use is less widespread among black Africans.

The Government is planning measures to combat imported infection, including forcing visa applicants from some countries to take an HIV test there. But Phillips said the public health crisis must be separated from controversy over 'health tourism'.

The London Assembly report, which took evidence from Sesay among others, warned that on current trends there could be 50,000 HIV patients needing treatment in London alone in less than five years - each costing up to £181,000.
Title: Re: The spread of HIV
Post by: adspi on May 17, 2013, 02:56:10 PM

HIV & AIDS: A Troubling Issue for Black Canadian Immigrants PART II

HIV & AIDS in the Black Canadian population  Recent statistics have indicated that HIV is at a crisis level in black communities in Canada. Black people are seen to be over-represented in the new HIV infections and AIDS cases. If one should put this into perspective with regard to immigration to Canada, it could be reasoned that the greater proportion of immigration applications to be affected by the inadmissible clause rests largely with the Black population. PHAC reported that tests reports from 1985 to 2007 indicate that the Black population represented 10.3% of the total reported HIV cases in the country. And whereas the virus has been seen to be on the decline in the White population (down from 75.7% to 58.4%), it has been on the increase in the Aboriginal and the Black populations. What is even more frightening is that Black Canadian women are over-represented among the persons living with the virus. PHAC noted that between the said period, Black Canadian females represented 16.3% of all the reported cases in the country. The number of confirmed perinatally HIV-exposed Black Canadian infants is also alarmingly high with about 23.1% affected by the disease. Of the total reported AIDS cases between 1979 and 2007, the Black population represented 9.4% of the cases, again with females overrepresented at 35.2%.
HIV & AIDS in the Black Canadian population

HIV & AIDS in the Black Canadian population Chart

Taken from the PHAC HIV and AIDS in Canada Surveillance Report to December 31, 2007

Although these numbers already represent a significant proportion of the Black population, it must also be bourne in mind that they are most likely understated due to factors such as under-reporting and the lack of ethnicity data from some provinces. This disproportionate number of Black people living with HIV and AIDS is one which does not and cannot be allowed to go unnoticed. Already red flags are being sent through the media questioning the government’s immigration policy with respect to people of African descent. It is irritating to read and to listen to some of these discussions but it is even more heart-rending to read reports indicating that a high percentage of HIV cases among Black Canadian females have been contracted since their arrival in Canada. How could this be, one might be inclined to ask, in light of the vast number of awareness and prevention campaigns? Is it really ignorance? Do we really not understand the implications of unprotected sex? What more could and should be done? I guess like a number of other communities, the mere mention of HIV or AIDS in many Black communities attracts intense stigmatization and scrutiny as immediately people begin to question the person’s behaviour, as HIV is oftentimes characterized as primarily an issue of moral impropriety rather than one of community health. Issues take on a moral outlook as they become intricately linked to moral or inappropriate or untoward sexual behaviour. For many people, affliction of the disease is not perceived so much as a health issue but more-so as being connected with illicit behaviour. Thus anyone who attracts such labeling, females in particular, is prone to much scorn and contempt. It is therefore little wonder why persons are unwilling or afraid to get tested.

Studies have indicated that some of the problems lie with what is referred to as cultural disconnections: a mismatch between predominant HIV prevention discourse (language, practices, technologies, and media representations) and people’s cultural contexts and life experiences. Many cultural values and practices were reported as being in conflict with the perceived demands of HIV prevention. Cultural disconnections were also attributed to what was seen as the prevailing discourse around risk groups for HIV/AIDS, such as gay men and drug users. Lack of engagement of Black churches was also described as reinforcing a cultural and institutional divide between HIV prevention and stood as a major social and cultural bulwark in many Black women’s lives. Respondents to the study indicated that the church doctrine influenced daily lives and practices in ways that might create vulnerability to HIV, as a number of women tend to practice what their religion tells them to practice, because religion determines…prescribes how women should behave. Accordingly, some women may not practice safer sex (condom use) because it goes against their religious beliefs for God’s seed to be thrown to the ground. Furthermore, since sex between unmarried couples is a sin and so too is adultery, of what purpose is the use of condoms among members of the church populace? It is time that our churches stop skirting around the issue, everyday living in denial and instead work towards more pragmatic solutions in an attempt at combating the disease, for we know full-well that the reality of people’s lives does not always coincide with our biblical teachings.

Whereas it is obvious that there are a number of factors at play as it relates to the disease’s prevalence among Canada’s growing Black population, it is pertinent that any attempt at addressing it must be done through a number of culturally sensitive lenses. For while we are all regarded as people of African descent, cultural nuances attributable to where we are from, whether the continent of Africa, countries of the Caribbean, the Middle East, or anywhere for that matter, make us and our lived experiences unique. I am now starting to sound like a broken record as I keep preaching that as a community, we need to realize that we have to create change in ourselves. No one knows the problems that we have more than we do, so why not start from there? Why are we so afraid to deal with the issue of HIV/AIDS when it is so real to us? Many of us act as though it doesn’t exist. We say to ourselves that such a dreadful thing can’t happen to us. I fear for the younger generation whose knowledge of the disease is left to sources outside our families and communities because our lips are sealed shut. It is time that we ‘wise-up’ and begin the process of real change.
Title: Re: The spread of HIV
Post by: adspi on May 17, 2013, 02:56:44 PM

The hidden rise of HIV in the UK

My research in the west Midlands with postgraduate student Betselot Mulugeta, talking to groups of immigrant men and women from the Ethiopian and Eritrean communities, has revealed serious misconceptions about the nature of the HIV/Aids epidemic in the UK. Lack of information tailored for different migrant groups, alongside lower awareness of HIV/Aids through media coverage as a whole, is a problem with real consequences.

Newly reported cases of HIV in the UK are higher than ever before. Between 1995 and 2006, the rate of HIV infection among black Africans in the west Midlands increased 100-fold, compared to a two-fold increase among white people, a three-fold increase among black Caribbeans and a six-fold increase among other mixed ethnic groups (according to the region's strategic health authority figures).

Taking the Ethiopian and Eritrean population as one example: they are predominantly young and single, tend to live alone and are often sexually active. Their culture and language restrict the information available to them. This group therefore represents a reservoir of HIV infection which is both a concern for the immigrant community itself and the host population. As social networks among the Ethiopian and Eritrean communities in the west Midlands do not condone or tolerate the discussion of sexual issues, external information networks are crucial in raising awareness of the HIV situation in the west Midlands and reducing stigma and discrimination of those who are HIV-positive.

The respondents in our study said they believed the UK was "civilised" and therefore they could not contract HIV/Aids, that the problem had been left behind in Africa. Some commented that they believed all migrants were screened before being allowed entry, and that drugs were available in the UK that would "cure" Aids. Perhaps most tellingly, interviewees said that Aids wasn't talked about in the UK and no information or warnings were provided, so they had assumed there wasn't a problem. Culturally, condoms are a difficult issue. It is considered unacceptable for either partner in a sexual relationship to ask for a condom to be used, because it's thought to suggest the woman is promiscuous or a prostitute, or that there is a lack of trust between them.

One of the main reasons for this lack of appreciation of the HIV risk environment in the west Midlands appears to be a lack of communication and understanding between HIV-related service providers and immigrant communities. In particular there are very few culturally sensitive outreach sexual health promotion programmes aimed at different immigrant groups from high HIV-prevalence source regions in the west Midlands, with hidden groups such as failed asylum seekers and irregular migrants often ignored.

The ruling by the UK court of appeal earlier this year that refused asylum seekers and other "not ordinary UK residents" are not entitled to free NHS treatment and care is creating a reservoir of HIV infection in the UK. It is these marginalised and often hidden groups, who are highly vulnerable to HIV infection due to their socio-economic situation, that are being denied free medical treatment. Denying unrestricted NHS HIV treatment to this group is a serious public health issue which may well fuel the epidemic in the UK.

There is a desperate need to understand the social context of the disease both in terms of the migrants' region of origin as well as in their new UK communities. The British government is yet to address the steep rise in rates of the disease among heterosexuals and a new Aids awareness campaign targeted at those most at risk of spreading it is imperative. It's a campaign they are reluctant to undertake because of the sensitivities around immigration, race and perceptions of neo-colonialism.

Sub-Saharan Africa is home to 67% of global cases of HIV/Aids, but it is dangerous to think of the disease as just an African problem now that we can travel easily between continents. Surely it is time we had another UK national campaign to bring this deadly disease to everybody's attention and to correct the misconceptions both the host and migrant communities have of the HIV/Aids epidemic in the UK.
Title: Re: The spread of HIV
Post by: torus on December 13, 2015, 08:28:14 PM

Unprotected sex behind record rise in HIV cases
World AIDS Day has come and gone with barely a whisper, yet Malta is this year facing a record surge in new HIV cases.

This is a blatant lie from the rodents in human form .
All over Europe the incidence of HIV and AIDS is on the increase.
Immigration is the reason for all this especially immigration from Africa.
And do not be deluded, this disease can be transmitted by a lot less than intercourse.
A formal kiss with a trousered ape and you are fucked for life.
Title: Re: The spread of HIV
Post by: IMPERIUM on August 05, 2017, 06:29:11 PM

 Sluts Get Rekt: Asylum Seeker with HIV had Unprotected Sex with Two Dozen Icelandic Women
Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 5, 2017

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ut jimminy petes, they are dumber than dogshit.

Ladies, we get that you love to be ravaged by a gorilla man.


But use some protection…!

Your sex fantasies have now become a public health hazard!

Iceland Monitor:

The man arrested yesterday on the suspicion of having infected numerous young women with the HIV virus claims that he did not know that he was HIV positive. The man is an asylum seeker in Iceland.

This has been confirmed by his lawyer Guðmundína Ragnarsdóttir who is appealing a verdict of a four-week long custody.

Ragnarsdóttir cannot confirm at this time whether or not the man underwent the neccessary medical examinations required by asylum seekers. Another lawyer is processing his asylum application.

Two women have been confirmed to have been infected with the virus and nearly twenty more are awaiting test results.

I mean… wow.

I assume most women in Iceland, as elsewhere in the liberated West, engage in sex exclusively with brown people (it would be racist otherwise), but surely the schools or something can teach them that most of these people have AIDS.

But I suppose getting their rocks off is worth a case of teh hiv.

He must have been a real beast.


 These women are Race Traitors.
For a Nordic to sleep with a Negrid - that is the ultimate bestiality.
We have no pity for these women - they should not be given any medical aid, but left to languish and die a horrible death.

They deserve nothing less.

The Golden Dawn
Title: Re: The spread of HIV
Post by: torus on August 06, 2017, 10:28:08 AM
The AIDS virus began in a LABORATORY and was formed into an experimental hepatitis B vaccine trial that was given by Jewish doctors and their cohorts to homosexuals, using them as test subjects, in the "gay ghettos" of America's largest cities.  Gays were offered a "solution" to hepatitis B through an experimental hepatitis B vaccine.  Within months of receiving the "experimental" vaccine, White homosexual and bi-sexual men began mysteriously dropping dead like flies from a "new" epidemic that would later be called AIDS, after being known as "gay cancer," "GRID," and "the gay plague."

The book that I am citing for this sermon is "AIDS and the Doctors of Death:  An Inquiry Into the Origin of the AIDS Epidemic" by Dr. Alan Cantwell.  The book contains many left-winged lies, such as the lie that Jewish Communism is "Anti-Semitic" and putting the blame on Adolf Hitler and the Nazis for what the Jewish people and the Communists are guilty of.  Most authors, both Jewish and Gentile, mix lies with the truth.  This is the only way Gentiles can get their books published by the Jewish-controlled press when it comes to anything concerning "controversial knowledge."  However, I will never forget that it was in the year of 2003, that Satan, who was coming to me in the form of Pan, started communicating with me, and he found Dr. Alan Cantwell's books for me about a Jewish doctor who invented the AIDS virus in the United States.  I had no idea of the implication of this event at the time, as this was three and a half years before I dedicated my soul to Satan [I dedicated on August 28th, 2006].  I have chosen to make the truth about AIDS public at last, as now is the time.  The information in the following quotes that I am providing for this sermon are reliable and accurate for those who want to know what actually happened...

"Most people are unaware of the gay experiments that immediately preceded the mass deaths in the gay community. But the details of the vaccine trials, and their effects on the health of homosexual men, are recorded for posterity in the annals of medical science."

The AIDS virus was birthed in a laboratory owned by the enemy
and was designed to exterminate whites but it proved ineffective
because of its duration it takes.

It was formed by an experimental hepatitis B vaccine given by rodent doctors to homosexuals,
using them as guinea pigs in the American ghettos of large cities.
Within months of the treatment gays were dropping dead all over.
A new pandemic was created later to be called AIDS.
Later it was colloquially known as gay cancer.

Ref:  "AIDS and the Doctors of Death:  An Inquiry Into the Origin of the AIDS Epidemic" by Dr. Alan Cantwell. 

The book is very informative yet as always corrupted by the enemy's press.

It blames Adolf Hitler and the Nazis

"Most people are unaware of the gay experiments that immediately preceded the mass deaths in the gay community. But the details of the vaccine trials, and their effects on the health of homosexual men, are recorded for posterity in the annals of medical science."
Title: Re: The spread of HIV
Post by: IMPERIUM on September 28, 2017, 09:09:12 AM

 Thursday, September 28, 2017, 06:32 by Sarah Carabott
Malta's rate of new HIV cases among the 50+ is one of Europe's highest
Epidemic remains significant health problem

   Malta’s rate of new HIV cases among people over 50 is in the top four for European countries, according to research that warns the epidemic could be taking a new direction.

A study published in The Lancet HIV shows while the rate of newly reported HIV cases in Europe remained steady among younger people between 2004 and 2015, it grew by two per cent each year in older people.
The rate of diagnosis for older people increased in 16 European countries, including Britain and Germany. By 2015, it was found that HIV rates in those over 50 were highest in Estonia, Latvia, Malta and Portugal, where more than six new HIV cases were being diagnosed per 100,000 in that age category.
With about 30,000 newly diagnosed HIV cases reported each year over the last decade, the epidemic remains a significant public health problem in the 31 countries of the European Union and European Economic Area.
The new study from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control shows that those aged 50 or older are more likely to be diagnosed late than younger adults. They were also more likely to have contracted HIV via heterosexual sex.
According to Lara Tavoschi, who led the research, the findings suggest a new direction in which the HIV epidemic is evolving. This could be the result of older people’s poor awareness of HIV and how it is transmitted.
The researchers note that the results point to the compelling need to deliver more targeted testing for the adult population, such as by increasing awareness among healthcare workers.
They conclude that this analysis underscores that the coverage and uptake of HIV testing “needs to be scaled up significantly and not only among older adults”.
The study analysed new HIV cases between 2004 and 2015 in EU Member States and also Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. It found that more than 54,100 people over the age of 50 had been diagnosed with HIV, translating into 2.6 per 100,000.

The rate of newly reported cases increased by two per cent each year among older adults.
By 2015, around one in six newly diagnosed HIV cases in Europe were for people over 50.


 Norman Lowell - Klandestini u Mard Infettiv

The Golden Dawn