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October 23, 2017, 03:34:02 PM

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Count the Immigrants / Re: Illegal Immigrants and Crime
« Last post by Apollo on Today at 01:05:32 PM »
Maria Pisani is the director of the non-religious NGO Integra whose mission is to facilitate integration of marginalised people into the Maltese society, with a special focus on refugees and asylum seekers. Just like any other company director, Ms Pisani has a vested interest in promoting her NGO in order to obtain the necessary funds for advertising, 'overheads' and do-gooding. She faces a cut-throat competition from many other NGOs such as Aditus, SOS Malta, JRS and MOAS, who have left her with a smaller portion of the pie.

Ms Pisani holds a PhD in adult education and works at Tal-Qroqq as a lecturer in the Department of Youth and Community Studies. She is not simply a director at Integra but also an activist and a co-founder. As I write this article, I notice that the tax-free foundation is in dire need of funds for even their website subscription has been left unpaid, forcing the provider to take it offline.
Let's face it, It is no easy task to live in one of the densest countries in the world and promote the rights of those who according to her, the Maltese populist politicians call "invaders"  (MaltaToday 2012). In 2011, during a televoting survey conducted by Affari Tag?na (John Bundy), 82.6% answered Yes to the loaded question: "are you a racist?".

Two months ago, Ms Pisani argued that racism is institutionalised in the country  (Lovin'Malta), praised the Government for denying entry to C-Star and asked for further measures against the 'ship of hate'. A week later she accused the police of racial profiling.
Today, the 23rd of October, 2017, she came up with another interesting revelation. She claims that according to the statistics provided by the Home Minister Michael Farrugia, 979 crimes were reported in Marsa between January 2015 and June 2017. In 283 cases out out of the 389 people arraigned only 23% were non-Maltese. Based on this data, the PhD professor jumped to the conclusion that the Marsa residents were not justified in their claims that migrants were responsible for the rising number of criminal cases in the area.
The PhD professor is basing her conclusion on the percentage of arraigned non-Maltese. What about the other 590 people who were not arraigned? Are the police fed up of arraigning African nationals for the daily brawls, petty thefts and harassement? Are the Maltese suffering reverse-racism by being hauled to Court while others are not?

On the 8th September, 2017, Somali, Sudanese and Eritrean communities were quick to release a statement  (The Malta Independent) saying that they do not support the actions by certain refugees and migrants who violate the law. It is evident that African nationals seem to have problems integrating with each other. Otherwise we would have had one union representing them all rather than migrants from three African nations only.

The reality is that all our cities and villages have been turned into an open-centre nowadays. Marsa remains the place where immigrants are sent to after serving their term in a closed centre. That the Marsa residents are facing daily challenges because of the high concentration of immigrants is an undeniable fact. The PhD graduate should have dug deeper into prison statistics which deal with the number of people arraigned, found guilty of more serious crimes and imprisoned.

Colin Calleja, another Tal-Qroqq professor who acts as Head of the Unit for Inclusion at that University, notes that like the Maltese, immigrants commit crimes too. Most of the ones Dr Calleja knows are responsible, hard-working, young men and women seeking either safety from crime in their countries or an improvement in their lives. He is more honest than intelligent in defining them as economic refugees. Years ago, the Jesuits used to claim that migrants are all doctors, engineers and people of a certain intellectual reach. A lie cannot live. No one believes them anymore.
Geopolitics / Re: Rhodesia: My Eye Opener
« Last post by IMPERIUM on Today at 10:54:28 AM »

WHO Makes Robert Mugabe “Goodwill Ambassador,” Quickly Changes Mind After Racist Backlash Against “Nigger Savage”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 22, 2017

...he World Health Organization has rescinded its appointment of Robert Mugabe, the longtime president of Zimbabwe, to a “goodwill ambassador” role....

...he appointment had provoked global head-scratching and outrage because of Mugabe’s track record of human-rights abuses, including violent crackdowns on political dissent, which had earned Zimbabwe international sanctions....

...The outcry rocketed around the world after this week’s announcement and seemed centered around one primary point: Can you be a “goodwill ambassador” if the world widely regards you as a violent, tyrannical despot?...


The wheel has turned a full circle:
The World, at the instigation of the Jews, had installed crippling sanctions against Rhodesia - the world's most peaceful country.
Now, sanctions are imposed on Zimbabwe, a Black ruled, bankrupt tin pot state ruled by a maniacal thug.


The Golden Dawn
Count the Immigrants / Re: Illegal Immigrants and Crime
« Last post by IMPERIUM on Today at 10:27:44 AM »

Monday, October 23, 2017, 06:39 by Sarah Carabott

‘Crime figures in Marsa should put an end to politics of fear’
More than three-quarters of those arraigned for crimes were Maltese

Figures showing that more than three-quarters of those arraigned over recent crimes in Marsa were Maltese could end the politics of fear and racism, Integra director Maria Pisani hopes.

A total 301 of the 389 people arraigned from January 2015 to June 2017 were Maltese nationals, Home Affairs Minister Michael Farrugia said in Parliament.

Replying to a parliamentary question by Nationalist MP Claudio Grech, Dr Farrugia said there were 979 crimes reported in Marsa in the period under review and 283 cases involving 389 people ended up in court. Of these, 88 (or 23 per cent) were not Maltese.

Read: 77% of crimes in Marsa were committed by Maltese

Marsa residents’ discomfort as a result of the large African community there culminated in a ‘solidarity walk’ that mayors boycotted, objecting to the presence of far-right activists.

Asked if the figures mentioned in Parliament came as a surprise, Dr Pisani and Colin Calleja, head of the Unit for Inclusion and Access to Learning at the University of Malta, replied in the negative.
“While these numbers bring some clarity, let’s not pretend all is well. Migrant communities living in Marsa have also expressed concerns vis-à-vis crime levels,” Dr Pisani said.
The problems they collectively face are the fruit of decades of neglect

The problems they collectively faced were the fruit of decades of neglect, misplaced policy decisions and zero long-term planning, she noted.

“Perhaps these statistics will put an end to the politics of fear and racism so that we may collectively move towards finding constructive solutions for all the residents of Marsa,” Dr Pisani said.
Dr Calleja called for the continued building of a community that was welcoming and safe, not only for the Maltese population but also for those helping to build a sustainable society.

“As hosts, we need to ensure that no one lives in substandard conditions. We need to upgrade and improve such areas to limit the infestation of crime,” he said.
“The Marsa population is right in expecting the authorities to clean up the area, not of migrants, but of criminals, wherever they may come from.”
Dr Calleja noted that in the past, crime was not unheard of in Marsa, especially in an area notorious for drugs and prostitution before the advent of migrants.
In the past, crime was not unheard of in Marsa, especially in an area notorious for drugs and prostitution before the advent of migrants
Unfortunately, through the creation of a ghetto, the blame soon veered to the migrant population.
This was not to say it was not true there were migrants who committed crimes, but all that had to be seen in perspective, he added.
“In any population there are those who fall into unlawfulness, and migrants are no exception.”
Dr Calleja said statistics clearly showed it was wrong to associate migrants with crime in Marsa.
Migrants were part of the population and, like the Maltese, also committed crimes. Most of the ones Dr Calleja knows are responsible, hard-working, young men and women seeking either safety from crime in their countries or an improvement in their lives and the lives of their families.
“Most migrants among us have done what the Maltese did years ago. They come here, work hard and earn money to help sustain their families,” Dr Calleja said.

Again, the Agenda of the zio-ToM come in sharp relief : pro Illegal Immigrants and anti-Maltese.
These 2 Professuri tal-Bigilla Pisani and Calleja, always them at the forefront, hammering away at our National cohesion.
Two Traitors that We will never forget - the harm they are doing.

And let us look at things in perspective:

The population of Marsa is about 4500.
And 22% of crimes reported are committed by foreigners.
These make up maybe 5% of the population of Marsa.

Also one must keep in mind that a lot of crimes committed by 'foreigners' are not reported because the perpetrator would be difficult to identify and apprehend.
Incidents involving locals, on the other hand, usually involve acquaintances such as family and neighbors making it far easier to get a conviction.
In any case the demographics of the prison population speak for themselves.
Almost half are foreigners and the two largest groups are made up of Libyans and Somalis.

The Golden Dawn
Count the Immigrants / Re: Illegal Immigrants 2013 - Comments
« Last post by IMPERIUM on Today at 10:16:24 AM »

Monday, October 23, 2017, 09:20 by Sarah Carabott

Temporary protection is extended for asylum seekers
Over 1,000 people have THPN status

Hundreds of asylum seekers who have been in Malta for years are being told their protection will not be terminated at the end of this month, nearly a year after they were threatened with deportation.

The government is discussing the way forward for the Temporary Humanitarian Protection – New status, or THPN.

However, the asylum seekers are being informed that the rights they enjoyed will not be lost.

  The Home Affairs Ministry abruptly announced last year that the system would be terminated.
The system is a form of regularisation granted to those who cannot be returned to their home country and who fulfil certain criteria, such as employment, independent housing and fiscal contributions.
According to NGOs, over 1,000 people had THPN status.
They were told their status would only be renewed to this October and that they were ex-pected to procure documentation from their country of origin allowing them to apply for a residence permit for their stay in Malta.
As a result, hundreds of mig-rants would have reverted to an undocumented status.
In reaction, a large and active advocacy coalition was formed demanding a revision of the revocation decision and, eventually, the government backtracked.

Tension is growing among migrants

In February, the Cabinet decided that migrants having the status would continue to enjoy the same benefits even after October, irrespective of whether they managed to get the identity documents. But this left concerned people in limbo, and, as October 31 got closer, several expressed their worry.
When contacted, Aditus Foundation director Neil Falzon said that, over the past couple of weeks, the NGO’s office has been swamped with migrants on the verge of a nervous break-down because nobody had “the decency” to tell them what was going on.
This unease was confirmed by others contacted by this newspaper, including Colin Calleja, head of the Unit for Inclusion and Access to Learning at the University of Malta.
He noted that tension was growing among migrants because although the government had noted that their rights would not be halted, there had been nothing confirming this in writing.
Ahmed Bugri, chairman of the Foundation for Shelter and Support to Migrants, noted that many felt they were left hanging in mid-air and were still asking what was going to happen to their status.
Then, some days ago, Refugee Commissioner Martine Cassar sent a letter to NGOs that work with refugees, noting that the THPN status would not be terminated on October 31 and that, for the time being, it would continue to be issued by her office.
“Inter-ministerial talks are ongoing to find the best way forward while keeping the same rights, as a minimum.
“THPN will still be valid for one year and will be renewed to beneficiaries who meet the current eligibility criteria and present the necessary documentation,” Dr Cassar said.
Until inter-ministerial talks were finalised, THPN would continue to be renewed on a yearly basis, as long as the applicant presented the necessary documentation, she added.

Dr Falzon of Aditus welcomed the confirmation that the status was not being revoked but also called for one that was more stable and brought greater peace of mind to migrants.


The Agenda of the zio ToM is so clear: so pro Illegal Immigrants and anti Maltese.
The Traitorous NGOs have again had their way - this minuscule group of self-haters.
This Squalid Socialist Govt wobbling, flip flopping without a clear Immigration Policy.

The People are on their own: they have nobody to look up to:
No church, no political parties, no Media, no nothing.
Only We can save our People and our Country from Brussels: MEP 2019

The Golden Dawn
Media - General / Re: Daphne Caruana Galizia goes up in smoke
« Last post by Apollo on Today at 07:17:21 AM »
Thousands demand resignation of Police Commissioner, Attorney General

Thousands have jumped the gun. Despite an ongoing inquiry, which has not yet determined who was behind this or whether the murder was politically motivated, they have reached a conclusion that it is.
Institutions may be corrupt indeed. No more and no less than whay they were ten years ago. Yet here we go.

Are these people genuinely concerned about the Institutions? Why are they protesting now after years of status quo?
Or are certain people unable to bear being in opposition, thus clutching at straws and riding the bandwagon?
Why did government MPs, including the vice-PM attend this anti-government demonstration, even if the leader of opposition was absent? What do they really stand for?

I believe that we have to give the police adequate time to come up with further information about the case.
Serious discussions have to be held in parliament over amendments that ensure the rule of law.
Not one that puts the blame on a party or another. We're either succeeding or failing together.
World Politics / Re: Czech Republic
« Last post by IMPERIUM on October 22, 2017, 12:32:46 PM »

Billionaire Populist Andrej Babis Wins Elections in Czech Republic

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
October 22, 2017

The Czech Republic held elections on Saturday. The billionaire populist Andrej Babis won by a significant margin putting him in position to form a coalition government. His victory marks a wholesale rejection of the existing political establishment which has ruled over the country for the past 25 years.


    The Czech Republic stood on the brink of a populist new era on Saturday , after voters heavily backed a billionaire businessman who has drawn comparisons with Donald Trump, while overwhelmingly rejecting establishment parties.

    Amid public disdain towards “politics as usual”, the ANO (Action for Dissatisfied Citizens party) led by Andrej Babis, the country’s second-richest man, won 30% of the vote, according to projections, with nearly 95% of all ballots counted. That leaves ANO – which means yes in Czech – as the biggest party in parliament and in prime position to form a coalition government.

While Babis doesn’t support an immediate pull-out from the European Union, he’s a hardliner on the migrant question.

Perhaps even more interesting than the Babis win is that the anti-EU, anti-migrant SPD won 11 percent of the vote. Weirdly enough, the party is led by a half-Japanese entrepreneur by the name of Tomio Okamura. He’s a fairly hardcore dude though. He’s previously encouraged Czechs to walk pigs by mosques. All Czech pig owners should definitely consider doing this. Like any other pet, pigs need to stretch their legs and get proper exercise.

It’d be great if the SPD helped form a coalition government with Babis but that might not be his first preference.

All this remains to be seen though. Babis is facing fraud charges which he says are trumped up accusations made for political purposes. The charges have led the two previous mainstream parties to openly state their unwillingness to join him in a coalition. So this means that he might need the SPD’s help to form a government.

Another item of note is that the Czech Pirate Party also ended up winning around 11 percent of the vote. This is just more evidence showing that the election completely upended the existing political order. It’s a total game changer for Czech politics.

What this proves is that populism in Europe is gaining momentum. Everything is moving in the direction we want and that’s a good thing.


Un Colpo di Timone as Europe lurches to the Right.
So important that We, who know and have met so many of these Patriotic Movements, are elected to Brussels in 2019.
There We will convince (Con-Vincere) them to join us and forge Nova Europa - a New Europe of Regions and Peoples.

Yes, We will change this Judaic, Talmudic EU into Nova Europa.
Free Regions constituting the Dominium side of Life, where Regions will be completely Free to enact their own Laws, keep Customs, Traditions...
The Imperium will concern itself with only 5 prerogatives: Spirituality (for the Elite), Race, High Culture, High Politics and Territory.

The Golden Dawn

Media - General / Re: Daphne Caruana Galizia goes up in smoke
« Last post by IMPERIUM on October 22, 2017, 11:41:08 AM »

Saturday, October 21, 2017, 06:02 by Ivan Martin

‘Suspicious’ vehicle seen before Daphne's car bomb detonated
Car parked in middle of country lane raised suspicions

  A “suspicious” vehicle that was seen at a vantage point overlooking the road where Daphne Caruana Galizia was murdered is being treated as a key lead, the Times of Malta has learnt.

The car is believed to have potentially been used by the person who detonated the powerful explosive device, according to sources involved in the investigation into the brutal car bombing on Monday afternoon.

It was seen parked in the middle of a country lane some distance from nearby buildings and raised suspicions among motorists.

The area where the car was spotted has since been cordoned off by police and extensively combed by a forensics team.
Sources said cigarettes and other pieces of evidence have been collected and sent for DNA testing.

Meanwhile, however, investigators said the country road was often used by motorists as a quick route to the Mġarr bypass.
“Although it is a lesser known road it does get used, particularly at the time the bomb was detonated – 3pm – it leads to a private school in Mġarr and is used by parents on their way to pick up their children,” the sources said.
One parent who passed through that road to pick up a child from school also drove right past the flaming wreckage of Ms Caruana Galizia’s rented car on the way back home.
“I saw a car on fire in a field just off the road in Bidnija. I had a young child in the car so I didn’t hang around in the cloud of black smoke,” the eyewitness said.
The witness said the area where the explosion had happened was littered with debris and seemed more like a scene from a war zone than the idyllic Bidnija countryside.
“At first I didn’t realise what I was driving through, it was bizarre but then it became clear,” the source said, reliving the “surreal sight”.
Investigators said work had started with the Federal Bureau of Investigation to triangulate mobile phone activity in the area and locate the exact spot the bomb was detonated from.
Sources said it was “almost certain” that the bomb had been triggered using a mobile phone, so they are hopeful to have a definitive idea of the killer’s location at the time of the murder.
Meanwhile, sources said the police were yet to receive any tangible information that could help solve the case.
The sources played down revelations by Home Affairs Minister Michael Farrugia that a tipster had come forward, saying there had been contact with a civilian but the information was not deemed valid to the inquiry.
The police urge anyone with any information that could help the investigation to come forward.


Simply disgraceful - here is the ToM giving the perpetrators exactly where the investigations stand.
Informing the hare where the hounds are located, so he can consider the options:
dive into the nearest rabbit hole and lie low for a month or so - or run faster.

If I had to be the Minister for Internal Affairs, I would have arrested the Editor of the ToM within hours.
Hauled him to court and charged him with obstruction of the course of Justice.
This is not Freedom of the Press: this is blatant aiding and abetting a murder.

Or, after a week of heaping scorn and accusation at the Govt and PM, accusing them of a Political Assassination:
there are those behind the scenes, who do not want the Truth to come out?
Stop with your hypocrisy, your crocodile tears, laying of flowers, marches and what not - YOU HYPOCRITES.

The Golden Dawn

Read previous two posts
World Issues / Re: Italy
« Last post by IMPERIUM on October 22, 2017, 11:24:41 AM »

Sunday, October 22, 2017, 08:23 by Reuters

Thousands march in Italy for migrant rights

Thousands of people marched in central Rome, Saturday, with the message that no one is illegal.
The anti-racism demonstration was held to shine light on the plight of migrants and their lack of rights in Italy and Europe.
More than 600,000 migrants have reached Italy since 2014, while some 13,000 have died trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea from Libya.


Those whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first turn mad.

The Golden Dawn
Music and Dance / Re: Wagner
« Last post by IMPERIUM on October 21, 2017, 07:21:23 PM »

Richard Wagner - Der Ring des Nibelungen

European Union / Re: EU Discussion Forum
« Last post by Apollo on October 21, 2017, 06:59:46 PM »
The European Parliament and Council - an update on illegal immigration.

MEPs are sadly doing their best to force Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia to accept asylum seekers on quota basis. They are struggling to replace the Dublin asylum rule that obliges the first receiving member state to keep illegal immigrants. They want asylum seekers to be distributed in all corners of the EU under a quota agreement. They are also allowing those who qualify for subsidiary protection (circa 69% of all illegal immigrants) to be granted asylum protection. This is sheer madness.
Two days ago, the European Council meeting highlighted a number of positive and negative outcomes. On the one hand, the Council is trying to ensure full control of the external borders. Yet the main idea behind this is not the protection of our borders or the stemming of illegal immigration but reducing the number of deaths. The concept is hence flawed a priori.

To consolidate the approach on all migration routes, the Council further calls for full commitment of co-operation with Turkey on migration! According to the Council, all policies must achieve measurable results in terms of preventing “illegal migration” and returning “irregular migrants”. The policy is therefore one which allows all illegal immigrants to apply for asylum but nowhere does it seek to address the problems of member states in hosting them, the obligations of other continents as per International law as well as the obligations of the African Union that receives billions of Euro in aid. According to Malta’s PM, Dr Muscat, Europe should up this aid!

While co-operation with Libya is being sought to ensure the humane treatment of migrants, which apart from the International obligations is an ethical and noble move, the Council goes a step further by calling for increased efforts to rapidly establish a permanent EU presence in Libya, taking account of the conditions on the ground. The Council stops short from explaining why Europe should do so. Why did Europe remain silent when France and the US destroyed our Southern neighbour, establishing a dangerous setup of two fratricidal zones? Why is Europe looking forward to establish a permanent presence and which faction is the EU going to deal with?
Again, why is it in Europe’s interest to gauge the situation on the ground? Is the Council willing to establish a ferry-service?

The Council is clearly misrepresenting the European people and their interests. The rise of Nationalism should hopefully halt these foolish measures and restore logic.


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