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December 15, 2017, 09:21:31 AM

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Author Topic: Fundamental Rights  (Read 194 times)
Norman Lowell
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« on: June 30, 2017, 10:00:46 AM »

 Poverty is full-scale attack on human rights – President

'Political will must be followed by effective legislation'

In this context, she referred to the phenomenon of poverty, noting that nearly one out of every four people within the EU were living at risk of social exclusion.

She described poverty as a “full-scale attack” on human rights, eroding a person’s right to health, food, education and housing.
Poverty, Ms Coleiro Preca told the symposium, reduced a person’s effective access to justice, equitable political participation and social mobility.
“This state of affairs shows us that we cannot be complacent anymore if we truly want to ensure that the full potential of universal human rights and fundamental freedoms are effectively enjoyed by all,” she added.
The eradication of poverty within the European Union was a “matter of utmost urgency” for the President, who insisted that the “feminisation of poverty” was still a reality.
This type of poverty was a direct consequence of various factors such as gender pay gaps and policies that made it difficult to achieve a healthy work-life balance....


aaww SHUT UP!
Stop your inanities - Only the creation of wealth can stop poverty.
Only ending Illegal Immigration that lowers wages for Europeans, can stop "inequality".


Liberalism - Total Tyranny  Nothing could be more different from The Absolute Individualist, just described, than the liberal concept of the individual.   Liberalism makes the fundamental mistake of mixing person with individual.   An "atomised, equalised and numerised" citizen, in an inorganic system of all against all - with the market as arbiter and god.   

Such an individual, caring only for his immediate self, bereft of a feeling of belonging to an organic whole, loses that spirit of sacrifice and heroism, so often encountered in history.   For how can one expect a small shareholder in a company - the individual today in a liberal society can be accurately compared as such - to sacrifice himself for the sake of the other shareholders within an impersonal, public company!   

Goethe notes that the lower the level of life, the more similarity.   The more evolved life becomes, the more the difference, the hierarchy.   Men are only approximately equal in the lower, natural, biological sense and physical form, but become increasingly unequal in the finer aspects; personality, mind, sensibility.   

 Liberalism treats all individuals equally, a hotchpotch of numbered citizens, all pretending the same rights and equality.   Now this is an impossibility; for real rights and equality are different according to the scale of development, hierarchy, of each natura propria.   

Thus every egalitarian doctrine is a symptom of downgrading, decadence and decay.   The empty slogans "fundamental rights, human rights" are euphemisms.   In nature, rights are unequal; suum cuoque tribuere - to each his own.   

Equality can only exist amongst equals.   Actually, it is an aristocratic principle and formerly, referred only to the aristocracy.   Hence in Sparta, the omoioi or (equals) meant the Elite.   One could join this Elite only through merit and could be expelled out of it in case of indignity.   Also the word "peers" (equals) in England, meant the Lords.   

Liberalism, parliamentary-democracy, socialism, communism and the modern tyranny of plutocratic capitalism - ostensible enemies, but having the same matrix, the same goals; anti-Hierarchy, anti-Spiritual.   

For today, communism and financial capitalism meet at their highest point.   The apex of communism is nothing else than the multinationals.   Huge conglomerates, with a multiracial, unseen, board of directors, more often than not manipulated by one or two of the tribe, operating from some unreachable, hidden headquarters.   And below them, far, far below them, millions of shareholders, blind as to the operations, the machinations, the goals of their all-powerful, mysterious Moloch.   The half-yearly document denoting the dividend keeps the millions of minions contented and quiescent.   Today's multinationals are nothing else but the meeting point, the apex of both communism and capitalism.   

Money, The Root of All Good, should be subordinate to the Individual and the Spiritual.   It is an economic means but must never dominate those innermost instincts and spiritual values.   We cannot relegate our White world in the hands of merchants or the banks.   That could only lead to more slavery, chaos and destruction.     

For today's world is characterised by homo oeconomicus, the automated individual struggling to make ends meet.   And what are the ends? An ever more frantic acquisition of material goods.   Modern man has become a slave to capitalism.   His value is judged solely by his economic worth.   There is no longer any sense of class, except that gauged by money.   

This race for increased production, unlimited development and the consequent rapacious despoiling of nature, can never give Man that sense of being himself - of finding his true self.   

The modern view of life which holds economics above all else.   Where man, labour, has become expendable and increasingly valueless.   Where, isolated and slowly strangled, the citizen struggles for survival.   Where countries compete exclusively in the economic field, spurning the deeper, nobler aspirations towards a higher quality of life....

From CREDO; A Book for the Very Few   


The Golden Dawn
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Boycott The Times and The Sunday Times.
Do not post there, do not buy a copy of either, do not advertise.
Hurt Them in the only way they understand.

 Imperium 1107

Norman Lowell
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« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2017, 02:10:15 PM »

Friday, August 11, 2017, 07:39 by Ivan Camilleri

Sliema thieves gang ‘vanish’ after being granted bail
Five men had been charged with 28 break-ins

 A months-long major police operation that netted a group of foreigners suspected of a string of thefts in Sliema two years ago could well prove to have been futile because the accused cannot be found.
The Times of Malta was informed that the police have mounted a manhunt across the islands to find the wanted men, thought to form part of an international crime ring.
Alarm bells that the accused could have fled the country were raised a few days ago when they failed to appear in court as the case against them continued.
Police sources said the officers involved in the case could not believe that all their work could go up in flames only because the Attorney General’s Office had insisted the accused should be granted bail.
Five foreigners – from Poland, Georgia, Lithuania and Kyrgyzstan – were charged with involvement in 28 break-ins in the Sliema and St Julian’s area

On the other hand, sources close to the Attorney General blame the police for not keeping an eye on the accused and ensuring they observed bail conditions.

“They were a bunch of criminals who had been living off burglaries for a number of years and who terrorised Sliema residents, particularly the elderly,” a senior police officer said.
It is obvious they were lax in their surveillance
“They should have never been granted bail and we were opposing the Attorney General’s advice. However, the Attorney General insisted on it and look what has happened.”

The sources close to the Attorney General, however, argued that bail was a human right and, furthermore, did not stop the police from doing their work.

“The police were obliged to see that the accused adhered strictly to their bail conditions. It is obvious they were lax in their surveillance,” the sources said.
The series of burglaries in Sliema had led to fury among residents protesting about the lack of security in the area with the local council and district politicians.
They also piled pressure on the police to act.
The massive undercover operation involved about 30 plainclothes officers, many police units, including the Criminal Investigation Department, and even the Secret Service.
It paid off and five foreigners – from Poland, Georgia, Lithuania and Kyrgyzstan – were eventually charged with involvement in 28 break-ins in the Sliema and St Julian’s area.
Testifying in court, police officers described the ‘Sliema gang’ as professional thieves who had tattoos indicating they were part of an international criminal organisation.
Asked earlier this week to confirm that the accused could not be found and had probably left the country, no replies were forthcoming from the police media relations unit despite various reminders.
It could not be confirmed whether the police sought the help of Interpol in their search for the ‘Sliema gang’.


 Dahhalom f-sormok il "Fundumental Rights" - Ja Kretin.
Fundumental Rights are an invention by the Jews, in order to create Equality and mayhem amongst Whites.
Only Individual Rights exist - the Right to live freely in safety.

The Golden

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Boycott The Times and The Sunday Times.
Do not post there, do not buy a copy of either, do not advertise.
Hurt Them in the only way they understand.

 Imperium 1107

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