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Author Topic: EQUALITY : The Myth  (Read 6784 times)
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From CREDO : A book for the very few
Chapter 12
Equality : The Myth


The most pernicious myth of our age is the myth of equality. It is the greatest of the heresies that have corrupted Western civilisation this century. This lie, which denies the most basic of nature's laws, is the most dangerous threat to the survival of Western man. It could yet destroy us all.

And yet throughout history and well into the first half of the twentieth century, it was held to be self-evident that men were born unequal. Even the great champions of liberal democratic thought believed that, even though equality of opportunity was desirable and equality before the law worth dying for; equality of result was both obnoxious and unattainable. This fundamental belief was based on "uneducated observation" of life and plain common sense. There was little scientific proof as yet.

The paradox is that in this seemingly scientific age in which so much research has been done in the fields of genetics, anthropology, sociology and psychology, the Zeitgeist of our civilisation is nevertheless pervasively egalitarian.

Yes, for the past fifty years the equalitarians have had a field day. They have managed to impose their dogma on the rest of society. For half a century they have managed to fly in the face of reason and change the value-system of our culture. They have brought us to the edge of the precipice.

But, at last, there seems to be a ray of hope. The scientific evidence against the equality doctrine has been more slowly and steadily accumulating. Recently the pace has accelerated and today, a tidal wave of scientific proof is threatening to submerge the egalitarian position.

Theory of Evolution

The theory of evolution is today accepted as a basic scientific fact. Only religious mystics continue to question its validity. It is also true that what distinguishes man from animal is not so much his upright posture, or his outward appearance, but intelligence. It is intelligence and all that follows from it that makes man human. It is intelligence that marks mankind.

Evolution primarily manifested itself in the human race not so much through changes in outward appearance; it made its mark through the growth of intelligence. As evolution eliminated the weak, as the struggle for survival favoured strong genes, instinct became intelligence. Ape became ape-man; Ape-man became Man.

The whole process of evolution is genetic. Everyone accepts the fact that heredity determines such minor details as the shape of one's nose, the colour of one's eyes, or one's hair. And yet, when it comes to the kernel of man's nature " intelligence " egalitarians would have us believe that heredity is irrelevant.

Genetic Theory

What nonsense! Today we have analytical methods at our disposal which enable us to construct a proper mathematical modelof thegenetic determination of IQ.

This revolutionary development is quite recent and stems from the work of Jinks and Fulker at the University of Birmingham in 1970. It is these methods and models that enable us to check directly on such variables as assortitave mating, gene-dominance and environment-heredity interaction. With such methods it can now be confidently asserted that the heritability of intelligence is approximately 80%.

Leading geneticists and psychologists may differ somewhat on this figure. For example Hernstein posits it at 70%, while C. D. Darlington is his "Genetics and Man", claims that as much as 90% of ability differences stem for heredity. Eysenck and Jenson both set the figure at 80%.

Whatever these differences as to detail, one thing is clear; heredity is the dominant factor in intelligence differences.

It must be understood that these results are not the fruits of ivory tower theorising, but are based on the analysis of actual observations in the field. Such findings have been achieved by using a variety of methods and distinctly different approaches.

Direct measurements of the heritability of intelligence were established through studies of monozygotic (or identical) twins, comparative studies or monozygotic and dizygotic (fraternal) twins, as well as kinship studies and studies of foster children.

Particularity interesting are the studies of orphanage children. Environmentalists would have us believe that variability in intelligence is due to differences in upbringing and other environmental factors. It follows that children brought up in a uniform and fairly restricted environment should display very little variability to their IQ.

Now orphanages would seem to fit the egalitarian bill exactly. Conditions are as uniform as human ingenuity can make them. Meals, schooling, free time, holidays, staff, provision of books and other entertainments are as uniform as they could possibly be. Such deadening restriction in environmental variation ought to show itself in the fairly uniform IQ's of orphanage children.

And yet, studies show that these children display only a slightly smaller variability in intelligence compared with other children. The diminution in variance is less then 20%. It fits exactly with the genetic theory of intelligence that attributes 80% of intelligence difference to heredity and 20% to environmental factors.

It is revealing that a radically different approach yields results consistent with the genetic theory. A classic study by Burks on adopted children measured the influence of the environment variability of intelligence. She made a detailed assessment of environmental factors in adoptive homes, and concluded that such factors contribute no more then 18% of intelligence variability. This again fits neatly with other studies.

Critics of Genetic Theory

Critics of the theory tend to focus on specific aspects, ignoring other elements which support the very points under attack. An example of this is the complaint that the theory emphasises studies of twins; and twins, the critics say, are not typical. Such criticism offers no proof that twins fall outside the "laws of nature", or that they are atypical. And even if they were, the estimates of heritability based on twin studies give accurate predictions, when applied to other types of data such as kinship studies of foster children.

Another criticism of the "nature theory" relates to malnutrition during the so called "critical period". However, a 1972 study conducted by Stein on children born in Holland between 1944 and 1945 under famine conditions, showed little or no evidence of malnutrition on intelligence. The difference again fell neatly within the accepted "reaction range" of 20% (i. e. that part of variability due to non-genetic-factors).

However the favourite stance of the "nurture" camp is based in the "sensory deprivation" thesis. The argument has validity as regards animal behaviour, in that it shows those animals suffering from sensory deprivations, performing less well then stimulated ones.

However when it comes to human beings the theory falls flat. Except under very extreme conditions, such as a child reared in a dark cellar, humans do not display any effects which go beyond the accepted "reaction range".

In actual fact, comparative IQ studies of Eskimos and Negroes show the former to be mentally greatly superior. This, in spite of their monotonous and much less stimulating environment!


The hereditarian theory of intelligence is explicitly precise and quantitative. It is founded on the experimental method, on which all "hard" science is based. On the other hand it is significant that nearly all criticisms of this theory are purely verbal. They make no attempt to present an alternative "hard" explanation of the facts. Such critics seem to fear the scientific method. They call to memory the Aristotelian astronomers, who refused to look through Galileo's telescope for fear of what they would see.

The truth of the matter is that in the last quarter of the 20th century, hereditarians have conclusively proved their case. The whole "controversy" about whether intelligence is genetically or environmentally determined is "ersatz". In the scientific press it simply does not exist. It is found only in the mass media, where the international-manipulators dominate and still foist the equality hoax on the masses. The only way to eliminate the pernicious myth is to tell the inegalitarian truth.

Published in "The Democrat" 4. 8. 90

Part II


Some truths are unpalatable. The truth that men are born unequal is particularly so. When one recognises the implication of such a fundamental truth, one begins to understand the furore, the vitriolic reaction of the collectivists. This is never so violent as when the term "inequality" is juxtaposed to the word "race".

The liberal establishment tolerates the discussion of inequality in the abstract, in scientific circles. However, the corollary of racial inequality is strictly taboo. When serious students of this subject try to express their conclusions as to the myth of racial equality, they encounter the full weight of the establishment`s censorship.

This silencing of truth is worldwide, knowing no confines between communism and the so-called free world. The ban is almost total. It is the counterpart to the brainwashing of the population by the education system and the controlled media, in the propagation of the equality hoax.

Yet what is the definition of this "terrifying" word, race? A race or subspecies, is a recognisable group that shows significant differences of structure, from the other races in the species of which it forms part. Races are not entirely distinct from one another and intermediate forms exist where their habitats overlap.

The human species " Home Sapiens " is divided into six races. These are Europids, Mongolids, Indianids, Negrids, Khoisanids and Australasids. In turn each race is divided into many subraces. It is essential to emphasise that as distinct from species (i. e. horse/donkey), races and subraces are interfertile in their natural state, in other words, members of two different races can produce fertile offspring. It is this fact that leads so many to confuse the issue and claim, quite erroneously, that the differences between the races are only skin deep.

Ironically, colour variations, although the most visible, are not in themselves the most important criteria in determining variability or otherwise amongst the various races. In fact they are among the least important and truly "skin deep". Skin pigmentation is determined by the activity of melanin present in skin tissue. Skin colour evolved over the ages as a protective measure. In hot climates dark skin affords essential protection from ultra-violet radiation present in sunlight. In cold climates, pale skin permits absorption of the sun's rays and favours the accumulation of vitamin D, thus preventing rickets.

Believers in racial equality are either unaware of, or else ignore the truly astonishing number of scientifically catalogued physical differences between one race and another. These differences range from the glaringly obvious - like odour, shape of skull, facial features, size and shape of genitalia - to the microscopic - like blood groupings and susceptibility of certain races or subraces to certain diseases.

Physical Differences

A few examples will suffice. The primitive characteristics of the Australisid's skull set them apart from all other races. Their long muzzle and small brain-case is distinctly pongid, while the overall shape of the skull : wide below, narrow at the top - is reminiscent of that of Homo Habilis, one of man's early ancestors.

Another pongid feature is the teeth, which do not overlap but snap together. The nose, like that of the orang-utan, is flat and wide. Significantly, the brain weight is 85% of that of Europids, while the brain gyres are less tortuous and the sutures, the simplest of all the races.

The Khoisanids consist of two subspecies, the Hottentots and the Sanids, better known as bushmen. Both subraces display unique physical features. The Sanids for example, retain paedomorphic (juvenile) features. The skull is infantile in shape while the hair is aggregated naturally in tuffs. The legs are very short in proportion to the trunk and the female buttocks are enormous and of a strange form. The genitalia of both male and female are also unique. The male penis maintains a horizontal posture in its flaccid state, while the female labia minora are enormously lengthened, resembling the penis.

Another important distinction between the races is odour. It is most pronounced in Negrids and Europids. The former can distinguish Whites by their smell alone, while to the latter, Negrids have a fetid smell. Both smell strongly to a Mongolid. Body odour is mostly produced by so-called auxiliary glands, (A-glands) situated in the anal-genital area and on the armpits. In the case of the aborigine, A-glands are also found in front of the ear. Body odour is almost completely absent in the Mongolid races. The Japanese have it only to a small degree, while the Ainuids in their midst, being Europids, smell strongly to them.

It is no accident that both men and women of the same race produce the same odour - and that within the same race this odour has a sexually alluring effect. Between different races it has the opposite and acts as a deterrent to miscegenation.


A difference which can be of importance in distinguishing the races relates to their susceptibility to certain diseases. It is now becoming increasingly obvious that the Negrid race is the most vulnerable to AIDS. Columnist Fred Reed recently reported that responsible medical men in the pentagon, put the figure of AIDS-infected at 30% for soldiers in Zambia and Zaire, and as high as 50% to 80% for the Zimbabwean army.

Enrique Jose Zelaya, chief epidemiologist for the Honduran Ministry of Health, stated last year that the geometric rate of progression for AIDS in his country, will likely cause the 182 reported active cases in October 1988 to balloon up to14,000 by 1991.

Dr. Robert Remis, epidemiologist at the Montreal General Hospital, notes that the city's large Haitan community has a far higher rate of active AIDS than the rest of the population. As of May 89, 116 Haitian natives in Quebec province had come down with the disease. Back in their mother country, Haitian AIDS figures are around 6,000 cases per million, with vastly more still in the dormant phase.

Likewise Jews, which of their own admission form a distinct racial group, are prone to some 102 inherited diseases which effect them much more frequently that non-Jews. This is amply recorded in a massive 494 page-study "Genetic Disorders Among The Jewish People" by Dr. Richard Goodman, at John Hopkins University in Baltimore. He us now professor of genetics at Tel Aviv University School of Medicine.

Prof. Goodman States that Ashkenazi Jews, which make up 82% of world Jewry and Sephardic Jews that make up the remaining 18%, suffer from such hereditary diseases as Abetali-poproteinemia (failure to grow). Bloom syndrome (dwarfism), Familial Dysautonomia (effects strictly Jews and results in instability, slurred speech and is carried by 18 out of every 1000 Jews), and of course, Tay-Sachs which is the best known Jewish disease.

This last is so prevalent amongst this racial group that Jewish couples are urged to take a test before marriage to insure that they are not carriers. Symptoms start at after 6 months of age, by 18 months the victim becomes blind, unable to hold his head. The skull becomes enlarged and the hands become pudgy. Over 90% of Tay-Sachs victims' world-wide are Jews.

It is note-worthy that there is not one hereditary disease that effects exclusively the Europid race.

In this context it is also relevant to note the findings of Dr. V Wyatt, an expert on poliomyelitis, as reported in "The Times of Malta" of the 23 July of 1982. Dr. Wyatt found that although the climate in Malta was similar to that of the Middle East, the disease affected its Maltese victims in the same way as it affected Europeans and North Americans. It was quite different from the symptoms found in Middle Eastern and African patients.


The world of sport also provides a glaring example of racial differences. All competitors are supposed to have an equal chance of winning, but in reality specific sub-species do best at different games or events.

Thus the long-legged Dinarids, with their slim bodies dominate the high jump. Europids, with Nordics at the forefront, dominate the heavy field-events like putting the shot, throwing the discus, the hammer or the javelin. They also excel at swimming, not to mention Grand Prix car racing, with its demand for lightening quick reflexes.

Running is a sport that is of great interest in the racial context. The marathon and other long distance races, with their demand for stamina, are the preserve of Europids and Etheopids. The shorter events generally fall to the Negrids. Thus in the 1984 Olympics the most successful "British", "French" and "Canadian" competitors in these events were all Negroes!

Blacks have also taken over basketball and heavy-weight boxing - the former because of the long legs and long arms of some of the Negrid sub-races, the latter due to their thick skulls and long arms. It is no be noted that the Japanese, who are by no means unsuccessful at sports in which tallness in not important, have never won any medal for high jumping or running at the Olympic games. Their genetically determined small stature precludes such a success.

The even smaller stature of the African pygmy has made him invisible at the Olympic games as they are currently held. However, were a track event to be included, in which the contestants would have to crawl through long narrow pipes, then the pygmy's day in the sun would finally have arrived!

One hesitates to term as a sport so intellectual a pursuit as chess. It is however, a game in which all contestants start off as 'equals'. One has yet to hear of a Negro grandmaster.

It is clear that significant differences between the various races of man do in fact exist. These differences are obviously due to genetic factors. It has also been shown in the first part of this essay, that variations in intelligence between individuals are also mainly due to such genetic factors.

Is it therefore, unreasonable to ask how it could ever be possible that any two races, could be exactly the same in all the genes that effect intelligence and the nervous and sensory system, yet so different from one another in other structural characteristics?

Not only is it not unreasonable, but it is glaringly obvious to all but equality bigots, that races are as different from one another mentally as they are physically. Logic makes this conclusion inescapable - the facts prove it devastatingly.

Published in "The Democrat" 11,8,90

Part lll


Facts for the serious student of race mean the rigorous analysis of scientifically designed tests of cognitive ability. (IQ tests). Admittedly the analysis of racial differences by such tests presents problems, since to a large extent different races have different cultures.

For example, an IQ test designed for North African Arabs cannot be used unchanged in a study of Chinese living in China. The latter would be disadvantaged. One has to compare like with like, thereby excluding culture biases.

Fortunately there exists a country seemingly tailor-made for the serious student of these matters; the United States. There, one can find four races; Europids, Negrids, Mongolids and Indianids living cheek by jowl and speaking the same language.

In the case of the first two this language, English, is their mother tongue. Moreover, literacy is almost universal and the existance of accurate birth records makes IQ studies more reliable.

A host of studies, carried out over several decades by both private and governmental agencies, of literally millions of subjects have produced remarkably consistent results. It will suffice to mention a few of the better known of these studies.


Between September 1917 and January 1919 no fewer then 1,726,966 men were subjected to intelligence tests by the US army. The report subsequently issued on the results of these tests was edited by Lt. Col. R. M. Yerkes,

It showed a substantial Europid superiority over Negrids. In spite of the large regional variations in the results, it emerged clearly that the worst White regional results, (in the South), were superior to the best obtained by Negrids, (in the North).

Admittedly, one element of the army tests, the so-called Alpha tests for literates, was not entirely culture free. However, the Beta test for illiterates, much more culture free, displayed an even greater white superiority over the blacks! This fact utterly validates the overall conclusions of this massive survey.

In 1966 Prof. Audrey M Shuey published a new and greatly enlarged edition of her book, "The Testing of Negro Intelligence". It is a monumental work. In it she analysis the various groups making up American society; young children, school children, high-school and college students, the armed forces in both World Wars, veterans and adult civilians as well as gifted and retarded persons, delinquents and criminals. In each of these categories she compared Negroes with Europids. The results showed a consistent White superiority.

Of particular interest are her comparative studies of over 50,000 Negro schoolchildren and a large number of white pupils. These studies showed a mean Negro IQ of 84 compared with 100 for whites. The Negro overlap, i. e. the percentage of Negrid children overlapping the average score of the Europids was not more than 11%. The last figure, to which I shall return later, is highly significant.

That same year came the publication of the Coleman report. This gave the results of a huge investigation into the mental ability of American schoolchildren, carried out by the US. Dept. of Health, Education and Welfare. The tests were of five kinds and were administrated to schoolchildren in five grades, in eight regions of the country.

In all the tests, in each of the five school grades, in all eight regions, average Europid results were consistently superior to Negrid ones.

This report also tested Indianid and Mongolid schoolchildren. Both these groups do not have English as their mother tongue and can hence be fairly said to be disadvantaged, at least in some of the tests. In spite of this, both groups scored higher results than the Negrid. In the case of the Mongoloids, results approached those of whites and indeed, in some cases, actually surpassed them. This is not consistent with the thesis that IQ tests are culturally biased.

Still, some liberals maintain that the very fact of being black in North American society, is in itself a cultural handicap of such magnitude that it dwarfs the language aspect.

That this is not so is proved by the results of the investigations carried out by the American psychologist G. O. Ferguson in 1914. He analysed the scores obtained in IQ tests by Negroes of various grades of hybridity with whites and then, compared them with those of Europids.

The results show that the greater the proportion of white ancestry, the higher the Negro scores. Thus quadroons scored more than mulattos, who in turn showed themselves superior to Negroes with three and four black grandparents. Yet all the tested individuals where considered - and considered themselves - to be "Negroes". They therefore all share the "handicap of being black". Obviously there is more to the matter than cultural handicaps.

Dr. F. C. McGurk has made a special study of what he calls "the cultural hypothesis". He analysed no fewer then 80 separate studies of Negrid/Europid differences in intelligence. He proved that notwithstanding the great improvement in the culture environment and social status of American Negroes since the First World War, their "overlap" with whites has remained more or less constant. Again it is clear that it is not cultural, but genetic factors that are at work.

And recently, Dr. Levin who got his Ph. D. from Columbia University in philosophy, stepped into the cauldron of the race polemic by writing three erudite articles for academic journals. He contends that the cause of Negro lower intelligence is genetic, and that no amount of "extra help" to such people can alter their predicament. He goes further, stating that most crimes in America are committed by such people due to such a reason.

The fact that Dr. Levin is Jewish did not save him from the wrath of the international-manipulators. He has been snubbed by other teachers, rebuked by the faculty senate and even though a tenured professor and supposedly cannot be fired, he has been barred from teaching for a semester without pay.

City College president Dr. Bernard Harleston, another Jew bluntly said, "There is no place here at City College for such views. I have appointed a new panel to investigate his conduct and determine the limits of academic freedom." So much for free speech in America, the land of the free.

Survival of Western Civilisation

From the foregoing brief survey of the facts, one cannot but conclude that genetics play an overwhelmingly dominant role in determining mental capabilities. Prof. Sir Roland Fisher summed it up admirably when he wrote "available scientific knowledge provides a firm basis for believing that the groups of mankind differ in their innate capacity for intellectual and emotional development."

At this point the egalitarian, unable to refute the facts, will blandly reply, "So what! What does it matter if one race surpasses another by a few IQ points? Why this "vindictiveness" in pointing out the inferiority of one particular group of human beings? Why this uncharitable attitude towards fellow men??

In short, he will demand the reason for the relentless pursuit of the unpalatable truth.

There is a good reason; the survival of Western Civilisation - indeed, of all civilisation. Let us examine the facts. Every civilisation has been the product of a tiny creative minority of individuals - men of superior intelligence.

Every achievement, every breakthrough in the arts, politics, the sciences has been the product of such builders of civilisation. They are small in number - but great in accomplishments. They are the torch-bearers who have illuminated man's journey from the cave to the skyscraper. Such men do not fall from the sky - they are genetically pre-determined.

Throughout the ages the existence of such men has always been taken for granted in civilised societies. Indeed majority-mediocrity often ignores their very existance, simply making use of what they have created. But such creators can be stifled, submerged in the teeming mass of humanity that surrounds them. They can be too few.

Although by their very nature creative individuals, the builders of civilisation, are a tiny minority, yet they must constitute a sufficiently large proportion of the total population so as to be able to trigger off social evolution. There must be a critical mass. Nobody, no one can tell how large this critical mass ought to be. One can only be observe its absence - a dearth of everything we take for granted, from the buttonhole to the space shuttle.

After emphasising the role of civilisation builders, one must remark that intelligence as measured by IQ tests, is not the only factor in the make up of such Supermen. It is however an essential one. Intelligence made apes; Men. - Superior intelligence makes men; Supermen.

The importance of the existence or otherwise of a critical mass of Supermen is the reason why we must know whether one race is innately superior in intelligence to another. Why we have relentlessly pursued the truth, however unpalatable it may be. Why we must always do so, no matter what the furore raised by collectivists.

At this point it must be emphasised that no one who has studied the subject, says that all blacks are innately inferior to all whites. Such a statement would be utter nonsense. Indeed, the very concept of "overlap" implies the belief that a certain proportion of the negro population scores a higher IQ rating than the average white.

Now, for two populations to be equal in intelligence, the overlap factor must be 50%. Therefore, the crucial questions are; what is the size of the Negro overlap vis-a-vis the White race? And, what are the implications?

Anastasi in 1958 and Pettigrew in 1964 averred that the overlap was from 25% to 30%. These results, by far the most favourable to blacks, have been widely criticised and are generally assumed to be defective. Most studies seem to converge on 16% as a "moderate" estimate of the overlap factor. The studies by Yerkes, Shuey and Garret quoted above point to 11% as a more realistic measurement.

On the other hand, the Yerks and Shuey studies, more extensive and therefore more realistic by far, show a disproportion of 1 to 30. This is huge by any standards. It means that while the white race has one "civilisation builder" per 45 persons, the black race has to make do with one every 1000 plus. This is simply not enough.

At the other end of the scale we have people with an IQ of 70 points and below. These are technically described as "retarded". Anastasi and Pettigrew imply that no fewer than 7% (1 in every 14) of blacks fall into this category. Yerkes and Shuey's figure is a staggering 21%, more than one in every five. The corresponding figure for whites is 1 in 50. With such a high proportion of mentally inferior individuals dragging it down, is it any wonder that the black race is what it is?

The inescapable conclusion of all this is that some races are simply incapable of sustaining, let alone creating, civilisations; and this for two fundamentally genetic reasons - too few Supermen - too many subhumans.

Published in "The Democrat" 1,9,90

Part IV


At this point it becomes vital to supplement statistics with examples from history and general experience. Lack of space makes it necessary to concentrate on one race in particular. I have chosen the Negrid race for two reasons. It is one of the more important races due to its large and rapidly expanding numbers; and of the important races, it is the one that presents the most dramatic examples of the effects of the inequality of man. The Negrid race can rightly be described as being poles apart from the Europid.

One of the major historians of this century was Arnold Toynbee - his magnum opus "A Study of History". Toynbee was very far from being a conservative - indeed he has been severely criticised for being too much of a liberal. Yet, in the original, unexpurgated edition of his massive study - which he starts by analysing and cataloguing all those human cultures worthy of the title "civilisation" - he unequivocally states that, of all the major races of mankind, the Negrid race is the only one which has failed to create and build an indigenous civilisation.

It is the words create and indigenous that are important here. For although traces of high cultures are found in places inhabited by Negrids, these cultures are all derivative in nature.

For the purposes of analysis, sub-Saharan Africa can be divided into two parts; West and West-Central Africa and Central, Eastern and Southern Africa. All but one of the African high cultures are to be found in the former region. From early times this area has been subject to heavy foreign influences. As early as the Graeco-Roman period there were trade relations across the Sahara with the Mediterranean civilisations. With the advent of Islam the contacts expanded and were supplemented by conquest. At a later stage it was this same area that was most heavily influenced by the Europeans, when these began their great seaborne expansion.


The second area was much less subject to freeing influences and gives a clearer picture of what the Negrid race is capable of achieving on its own.

From the 8th century onwards the only foreign contacts came from Arab, Persian and Indian traders who settled on the East Coast in places like Sofola, Kilwe and Zanzibar.

They were supplemented later by the Portuguese. Penetration into the interior was limited, and it was only in the 19th century that European exploration of the vast hinterland began. It is the meticulously recorded reports of the great explorers; Livingstone, Stanley, Burton, Speke, Galton and Schweinfurth which give us a stark picture of the way of life of the Negrid tribes.

These explorers found a total lack of the requisites for a civilisation. Writing was unknown. There were therefore no records, no concept of history, no commemoration of great events - life was a day-to-day living experience with no planning for the morrow. Mathematics was everywhere rudimentary at best. Religion consisted of a jumbled assortment of beliefs in fetishes, evil spirits and witchcraft.

On the material level the Negrid achievement was just as meagre. The economy was extremely primitive and trade, (with the exception of slavery), on a small scale. The wheel was completely unknown and the only beasts of burden were men. Carpentry - the joining of one piece of wood to another - was still a mystery to the Negrid.

With the exception of just one area, Zimbabwe, architectural achievement consisted of grass and mud huts, while the concept of two-story buildings provoked disbelief.

Even the most basic elements of the Negrid culture prove to be derivative in nature. The domestication of plants, i. e. agriculture, was not a native invention. The seat of the agricultural revolution was the Middle East, and over a period of thousands of years the techniques of food production gradually seeped into Africa.

Likewise the domestication of animals was something the Negrid learned from other races. Not one single species of animal or bird, native to the sub-Saharan continent, is numbered amongst those in the service of the Negrid. All African domestic animals originated outside the continent.

Finally metallurgy, in some aspects of which a few African tribes attained a certain level of achievement, was never a creation of the Negrid, but copied from other cultures with which he came into contact.

Zimbabwe Ruins

Much is made of the so-called Zimbabwe ruins. In fact large stone ruins are to be found over a large area in what was formerly Rhodesia. Most notable examples are located at Khami, Dhlo-Dhlo, Natetale and Zimbabwe itself. These ruins are said by many to be the remains of a great civilisation - The Great Negro Civilisation.

Not much is known about these ruins but carbon-dating techniques reveal the oldest and most primitive parts of them to date back to approximately AD. 1100. However the more advanced structures were built as recently as the 17th and 18th centuries.

It is quite possible, indeed probable, that these structures are the work of a native culture. The organisation, the mobilisation of labour involved must have been considerable. But on no way do the buildings denote the existance of a civilisation. Nowhere are there traces of what might have been a school, for those people were illiterate and no native record of anything exists.

At this point, it must be remembered that Asiatic coastal settlements in the region date back to the 8th century, The Zimbabwe structures were simply the handwork of a Negrid society which had temporarily gone up the ladder of achievement. This in response to trade, (gold and slaves), with the coastal settlements. The crude structures were just native copies of what the builders had seen on the coast.

By the end of the 18th century the Zimbabwe culture had collapsed. The Negrid could not sustain it. As in the colonial era, it is the black man's temporary and unsustainable ascent from barbarism that is characteristic - an ascent wholly due to his contact with the creative capacity and organisational genius of the white race.

In the space of a few decades, Africa was tamed and opened up. Railroads and highways were carved out and cities mushroomed from the Congo to the Cape, from Kenya to Ghana. Inter-tribal slaughter was suppressed; food production burgeoned; disease was controlled on a continental scale. The black man was allowed to indulge himself in an orgy of feckless fecundity, which multiplied his population to hitherto undreamed-of levels.

Catastrophic Uhuru

Then in the 20th century, the virus of liberalism to which the West succumbed infected the colonial masters. The liberals encouraged the black man to think that he had done it all by himself - and naturally he believed them!

They inculcated into the Negrid the belief that the material fruits of the white man's genius were his by right. A continent-wide agitation for Uhuru - the so-called "wind of change" - resulted in the swift collapse of the Western colonial empires. The fruits of the toil of the pioneering generations were thrown away by the liberals in the name of their new god: Equality.

The catastrophic results of Uhuru prove conclusively the incapacity of the black man to sustain, let alone create, a civilisation. As one country after another was granted independence, the inevitable slide to barbarism begun.

Ghana, the jewel of the Empire in Africa, was handed its independence first. In a display of his genius to the world, Nkrumah tried the way of socialism. Unfortunately, negritude mixed with socialism is not exactly the ideal blend to progress. Today, Ghana is in shambles.

And the same tale of misery, disease, famine, graft, massacres and dictatorship can be seen all over Black Africa. Not one single black African country is free or prosperous. Not even the billions of dollars in oil money have saved Nigeria from the same fate as the others. Today, Lagos is the most dangerous city in the world, as any traveller will tell you.

And lately the darling of the liberals, the "liberator" of once prosperous Rhodesia, "God's only other son" as he is modestly known, again gave the world a lesson in black statesmanship. As communism collapsed all over Eastern Europe, on the very day the Berlin wall fell and East Berliners surged to freedom, comrade Mugabe declared Zimbabwe a Marxist-Lenninist State. Only a Kaffir could think of this one!

Meanwhile, blacks vote for apartheid every day, in the only way they know - with their feet - and stream to South Africa in their thousands every year, in search of a decent job and life under the authority and order of the white man. Some have walked all the way from Tanzania - and not even the finest border police force in the world can stop them.

Black and White

It was Dr. Albert Schweitzer, Nobel Laureate who in 1961, incurred the fury of the liberals by insisting that the black man should be treated as a black man and not as a white man. After years spent living in the Congo amongst black people, he came to the conclusion that it is fatal to ever treat a black man as an equal, since this is immediately taken as a weakness.

The African needs strong rulership and feels lost and let down when he does not get it. Force is the one thing that the Kaffir respects. Only fear of immediate punishment makes him respect the white man's law. Thus, a simple power-failure in any mayor city in the United States transforms itself into "The Night Of The Animals"  as "TIME magazine" headlined its cover story, after an orgy of black looting.

And the failure to understand this basic law of nature has been the tragedy of Africa - for the black man was never as free as when under colonial rule. Today, just a few years after Uhuru, without a culture of his own, without a civilisation to look back to, unable to even feed himself in one of the richest continents of this planet, we see him stumbling headlong into a vortex of famine and disease.

Within the next ten to twenty years, despite the incantations of the liberals, we shall observe whole countries disappearing off the map of Africa. We shall see the greatest self-inflicted genocide in history. We shall witness the disappearance of the Negrid race in its original territory.

And if we want this to happen - because it suits us - should we ever want to re-conquer an empty and mineral-rich sub-Saharan Africa lying right at our doorstep, giving us added Lebensraum, then all we have to do is; nothing! The Kaffir will perform it all on his own!

However, the Kaffir will scream for a united Europe to save him. He will actually beg us to go back and pull him out of the morass he finds himself in. But this time, should we choose to do so - out of strength, and not out of pity for a race that does not have a word for "gratitude" in its language - we will do it the right way.

For we now know, we are now armed with the scientific knowledge that; Equality is a Myth. That if we mix with the black man; it will be the death of us. For the Kaffir was never a threat to the white man, except in a biological-genetic sense. The European must forever keep the Negrid at a distance - and whiplash in hand, rule over him!

For if our buildings, our highways, our railroads be destroyed; we will rebuild them! Should our cities be bombed again and reduced to rubble; we will erect bigger and better ones. And should our armed might be someday vanquished, we will rear sons who will redeem our power. Our European genius can achieve anything.

But should our race miscegenate with the black - as those who would destroy us; the international-manipulators with their control of the world media, are urging, forcing us to do - while they themselves practice the most rigid ethno centrism - then our great civilisation will inevitably, irrevocably collapse. Nothing could redeem this genetic catastrophe.

As Europeans, we must ensure that the future, our future, belongs to us.

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Boycott The Times and The Sunday Times.
Do not post there, do not buy a copy of either, do not advertise.
Hurt Them in the only way they understand.

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When will we be able to read your next masterpiece Norman?

I've read Credo and would like more
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"It                                        is not the strongest of the species that                                        survive, nor the most intelligent, but the                                        one most responsive to change." - Charles Darwin


"In the survival of favoured individuals and races, during the constantly-recurring struggle for existence, we see a powerful and ever-acting form of selection." - Charles Darwin
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Race and Psychopathic Personality
Racial differences in ?average personality.?
by Richard Lynn

For as long as official statistics have been kept, blacks in white societies have been overrepresented in all indices of social pathology: crime, illegitimacy, poverty, school failure, and long-term unemployment. The conventional liberal explanation for this is white ?racism,? past and present, which has forced blacks into self-destructive choices. More clear-headed observers, however, have sought a partial explanation in the low average IQ of blacks.

Low IQ can lead to crime because less intelligent children do poorly at school and fail to learn the skills needed to get well-paid jobs, or even any job. Unemployment is therefore two to three times higher among blacks than whites. People without jobs need money, and have relatively little to lose by robbery or burglary, and may therefore commit property crimes. The association between low intelligence and crime holds for whites as well, among whom the average IQ of criminals is about 84.

Nevertheless, as Charles Murray and the late Richard Herrnstein showed in their book The Bell Curve, low IQ cannot entirely explain a black crime rate that is six-and-a-half times the white rate. When blacks and whites are matched for IQ, blacks still commit crimes at two-and-a-half times the white rate. This shows that blacks must have some other characteristic, besides low intelligence, that explains their high levels of criminality.

Prof. Herrnstein and Dr. Murray found the same race and IQ relationship for social problems other than crime: unemployment, illegitimacy, poverty, and living on welfare. All of these are more frequent among blacks and are related to low IQ, and low IQ goes some way towards explaining them, but these social problems remain greater among blacks than among whites with the same IQs. Low intelligence is therefore not the whole explanation. Prof. Herrnstein and Dr. Murray did not offer any suggestions as to what the additional factors responsible for the greater prevalence of these social problems among blacks might be. They concluded only that ?some ethnic differences are not washed away by controlling for either intelligence or for any other variables that we examined. We leave those remaining differences unexplained and look forward to learning from our colleagues where the explanations lie? (p. 340).

Psychopathic Personality

I propose that the variable that explains these differences is that blacks are more psychopathic than whites. Just as racial groups differ in average IQ, they can also differ in average levels of other psychological traits, and racial differences in the tendency towards psychopathic personality would explain virtually all the differences in black and white behavior left unexplained by differences in IQ.

Psychopathic personality is a personality disorder of which the central feature is lack of a moral sense. The condition was first identified in the early nineteenth century by the British physician John Pritchard, who proposed the term ?moral imbecility? for those deficient in moral sense but of normal intelligence. The term psychopathic personality was first used in 1915 by the German psychiatrist Emile Kraepelin and has been employed as a diagnostic label throughout the twentieth century. In 1941 the condition was described by Hervey Cleckley in what has become a classic book, The Mask of Sanity. He described the condition as general poverty of emotional feelings, lack of remorse or shame, superficial charm, pathological lying, egocentricity, a lack of insight, absence of nervousness, an inability to love, impulsive antisocial acts, failure to learn from experience, reckless behavior under the influence of alcohol, and a lack of long-term goals.

In 1984 the American Psychiatric Association dropped the term psychopathic personality and replaced it with ?anti-social personality disorder.? This is an expression of the increasing sentimentality of the second half of the twentieth century, in which terms that had acquired negative associations were replaced by euphemisms. There are other examples. Mentally retarded children are now called ?slow learners? or even ?exceptional children;? aggressive children now have ?externalizing behaviors;? prostitutes are ?sex workers;? tramps are now ?the homeless,? as if their houses were destroyed by earthquake; and people on welfare are ?clients? of social workers. However, the term psychopathic personality remains useful.

While psychopathic personality is a psychiatric disorder, it has long been regarded as the extreme expression of a personality trait that is continuously distributed throughout the population. In this respect it is like other psychiatric disorders. For instance, severe depression is a psychiatric disorder, but everyone feels depressed sometimes, and some normal people are depressed more often and more severely than others. It is the same with psychopathic personality. There are degrees of moral sense throughout the population, and psychopaths are the extreme group.

There is a difference between blacks and whites?analogous to the difference in intelligence?in psychopathic personality considered as a personality trait. Both psychopathic personality and intelligence are bell curves with different means and distributions among blacks and whites. For intelligence, the mean and distribution are both lower among blacks. For psychopathic personality, the mean and distribution are higher among blacks. The effect of this is that there are more black psychopaths and more psychopathic behavior among blacks.

In 1994 the American Psychiatric Association issued a revised Diagnostic Manual listing 11 features of anti-social personality disorder: (1) inability to sustain consistent work behavior; (2) failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behavior [this is a euphemism for being a criminal]; (3) irritability and aggressivity, as indicated by frequent physical fights and assaults; (4) repeated failure to honor financial obligations; (5) failure to plan ahead or impulsivity; (6) no regard for truth, as indicated by repeated lying, use of aliases, or ?conning? others; (7) recklessness regarding one?s own or others? personal safety, as indicated by driving while intoxicated or recurrent speeding; (8) inability to function as a responsible parent; (9) failure to sustain a monogamous relationship for more than one year; (10) lacking remorse; (11) the presence of conduct disorder in childhood.

This is a useful list. Curiously, however, it fails to include the deficiency of moral sense that is the core of the condition, although this is implicit in virtually every feature of the disorder. All of these behaviors are more prevalent among blacks than among whites, and suggest that blacks have a higher average tendency towards psychopathic personality.

Questionnaires can be used to measure psychopathic personality in normal populations. The first to be constructed was the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI), which was devised in the 1930s. This instrument consists of a series of scales for the measurement of a variety of psychiatric conditions regarded as continuously distributed in the population, such as hysteria, mania and depression, and includes the Psychopathic Deviate Scale for the measurement of psychopathic personality.

During the 65 or so years following its publication, the MMPI has been administered to a great many groups. Mean scores have been published by different investigators for a number of samples of blacks, whites, Asian-Americans, Hispanics and American Indians. All of these studies show a consistent pattern: Blacks and Indians have the highest psychopathic scores. Hispanics come next followed by whites. Ethnic Japanese and Chinese have the lowest scores. The same rank order of racial groups is found for all the expressions of psychopathic personality listed by the American Psychiatric Association, and these differences are found in both children and adults.

Conduct Disorder

The terms psychopathic personality and anti-social personality disorder, however, are not used for children or young adolescents up to the age of 15 years. They are instead said to have conduct disorders. The principal criteria set out by the American Psychiatric Association (1994) for a diagnosis of conduct disorder are persistent stealing, lying, truancy, running away from home, fighting, arson, burglary, vandalism, sexual precocity and cruelty. Childhood conduct disorder is therefore an analogue of psychopathic personality in older adolescents and adults. A number of studies have shown that conduct disorder in children is a frequent precursor of psychopathic behavior.

Studies have found that the prevalence of conduct disorders is about twice as high among blacks as among whites. This is the case not only in the United States but also in Britain and the Netherlands. Other racial groups also differ in the prevalence of conduct disorders among children. As with all the other expressions of psychopathic personality, conduct disorders are frequent among American Indians.

Children with conduct disorders are sometimes suspended or expelled from school because of constant misbehavior, particularly aggression. In both the United States and Britain, black children are disciplined in this way three or four times as frequently as white children, while East Asians have low discipline rates. In misbehavior in schools, as in so much else, East Asians are the ?model minority.? In the United States, Indians have a high discipline rate.

Lack of honesty is one of the core features of the psychopathic personality, and one measure of this characteristic is the default rates on student loans. About half of American college students take out loans but not all graduates repay them. The 1987 National Postsecondary Student Aid Study consisting of 6,338 cases reports default rates as follows: whites?5 percent, Hispanics?20 percent, American Indians?45 percent, blacks?55 percent.

Bad credit ratings also reflect a failure to honor financial obligations. A report by Freddie Mac of 12,000 households in 1999 found the highest percentage of poor credit ratings was among blacks (48 percent). The next highest was among Hispanics (34 percent), while whites had the lowest at 27 percent.

A prominent feature of psychopathic personality is a high level of aggression, which is expressed in a number of ways including homicide, robbery, assault, and rape. All of these are crimes, so racial and ethnic differences appear in crime rates. High black crime rates have been documented by Jared Taylor and the late Glayde Whitney in The Color of Crime. For homicide, rates for black males are about six times the white rate, and for black females they are about four times higher. The homicide rate for East Asians is about half that of whites. The high homicide rate of blacks is also found in South Africa, and homicide is generally higher in black countries than in white and East Asian countries.

As regards other crimes, the robbery rate for blacks is about twelve times the white rate, while the assault rate is about five times higher. The high black rates for these crimes are followed in descending order by Hispanics, American Indians, whites and East Asians. The rate for rape is about five-and-a-half times greater for blacks than whites, and two to three times greater among Hispanics and Indians as compared to whites, while East Asians commit rape at about half the white rate.

Domestic violence shows the same race differences. Severe violence by husbands against wives is about four times more common among blacks as whites. Black wives assault their husbands at about twice the white rate. American Indians assault their spouses even more often than blacks do. High crime rates among blacks have been found not only in the United States but also in Britain, France, Canada and Sweden.

A prominent feature of psychopathic personality is an inability to form stable, long-term loving relationships. David Lykken, a leading expert on psychopathic personalities, writes of the psychopath?s ?undeveloped ability to love or affiliate with others,? and Robert Hare, another leading expert, writes that ?psychopaths view people as little more than objects to be used for their own gratification? and ?equate love with sexual arousal.?

Marriage is the most explicit expression of long-term love, and a number of studies have shown that blacks attach less value to marriage than whites. Questionnaire surveys have found that blacks are less likely than whites to agree that ?marriage is for life.? Two American sociologists, R. Staples and L. B. Johnson, write that ?Blacks do not rank marriage as highly as whites? and that ?Black Americans? acceptance of this form of relationship is inconsistent with their African heritage.?

In a study of an American sample of 2,059 married people, C. L. Broman found that ?blacks are significantly less likely to feel that their marriages are harmonious and are significantly less likely to be satisfied with their marriages.? Other studies of racial and ethnic differences in attitudes have found that whites think about marriage more often than blacks, and have a stronger desire than blacks to find the right marriage partner. There are also racial differences in rates of cohabitation, which also reflects a commitment to a long-term relationship. A survey of 24-to 29-year-olds in Britain found that 68 percent of whites had cohabited but only 38 percent of blacks.

Blacks in the United States, Britain, France and the Caribbean are less likely than whites to marry or enter into stable relationships. In an American survey of 18-to 64-year-olds carried out from 1990 to 1996, 61 percent of whites were married but only 35 percent of blacks. The most likely to be married were East Asians (66 percent). Fifty-five percent of Hispanics and 48 percent of American Indians were married. The same race differences are found in Britain. In a survey carried out in 1991, among 30-to 34-year-olds 68 percent of whites were married but only 34 percent of blacks. Studies of marriage rates for France in the 1990s have also found that blacks are less likely to be married than whites. These differences are also found for cohabitation, with fewer blacks living in unmarried cohabitation relationships than whites.

Differences in marriage rates are reflected in differences in illegitimacy rates. In the United States, black illegitimacy rates are down slightly from their high in 1994, when 70.4 percent of black women who gave birth were unmarried. The 2000 figure of 68.7 is still the highest for any racial group, and is followed by American Indians at 58.4 percent, Hispanics 42.7 percent, whites 22.1 percent, and Asians 14.8 percent. The Asian figure includes populations with greatly differing illegitimacy rates, with native Hawaiians, for example, at 50 percent, Japanese at 9.5 percent, and Chinese at 7.6 percent.

Low rates of stable relationships are found among blacks in the Caribbean islands. In a review of the literature the sociologists B. Ram and G. E. Ebanks write that ?In the Caribbean in general . . . there is a substantial amount of movement from one sex partner to another and also a very high percentage of reproduction outside marriage.?

When they do marry, blacks are less tolerant than whites of monogamous constraints. An extreme form of intolerance is murder of one?s spouse. In Detroit in 1982-3, 63 percent of the population was black but 90.5 percent of those who killed their spouses were black. Less extreme forms of aversion to monogamy are adultery and divorce. The Kinsey data on college graduates, collected in the 1940s and 1950s, found that 51 percent of blacks were unfaithful to their spouses during the first two years of marriage compared with 23 percent of whites. Several other studies have confirmed that the incidence of marital infidelity is greater among blacks than among whites. Blacks cite infidelity more frequently than whites as a cause of divorce.

Blacks also have more sexual partners than whites. The Kinsey survey found that about twice as many black college graduates had had six or more partners before marriage than whites. Many later studies have confirmed this. A survey of 2,026 15-to-18-year-olds in Los Angeles in the mid-1990s found that 38 percent of blacks had had five or more sexual partners, 26 percent of whites, 21 percent of Hispanics and eight percent of East Asians.

The same differences are found in Britain. In a study of a nationally representative sample of approximately 20,000 16-to 59-year-olds carried out in 1990, 36 percent of blacks had had two or more sexual partners during the previous five years, compared with 29 percent of whites and 18 percent of Asians.

Delay of Gratification

The impulsiveness component of psychopathic personality includes an inability or unwillingness to delay immediate gratification in the expectation of long-term advantage. The first study to demonstrate differences between blacks and whites in the delay of gratification was carried out by W. Mischel in Trinidad in the late 1950s. He offered black and white children the choice between a small candy bar now or a larger one in a week. He found black children were much more likely to ask for the small candy bar now, and this difference has been confirmed in three subsequent American studies. This racial difference has been noted but given different names by different writers. In The Unheavenly City Revisited, Edward Banfield writes of the ?extreme present-orientation? of blacks, and Michael Levin writes of ?high time preference,? an economist?s term for preferring cash now rather than a greater sum in the future.

The APA Diagnostic Manual refers to the psychopathic personality?s ?inability to sustain consistent work behavior,? and a number of studies have shown that blacks are less motivated to work than whites and Asians, while Hispanics are intermediate. For example, black students do fewer hours of homework than whites and Asians. Among college students with the same Scholastic Aptitude Test scores, blacks get poorer grades than whites, probably because they don?t work as hard.

This helps explain black unemployment. Several American ethnographic studies of inner city blacks have concluded that many are unwilling to work. Thus, E. Anderson writes that ?there are many unemployed black youth who are unmotivated and uninterested in working for a living, particularly in the dead-end jobs they are likely to get.? The sociologist S. M. Petterson writes that ?it is commonly contended that young black men experience more joblessness than their white counterparts because they are less willing to seek out low paying jobs.? American Asians are the opposite of blacks in this respect. They have low rates of unemployment and it has been shown by James Flynn that they achieve higher educational qualifications and earnings than would be predicted from their intelligence, suggesting they have strong work motivation.

In the United States, unemployment rates are highest among Indians followed in descending order by blacks, Hispanics, whites and ethnic Chinese and Japanese. These differences are frequently attributed to white racism but it is difficult to reconcile this explanation with the lower rate of unemployment among East Asians as compared with whites, and also with the higher rate of unemployment among Indians as compared to blacks.

Blacks in Britain, Canada and France are frequently unemployed. In Britain, the 1991 census found that 26 percent of black men were unemployed, compared with 11 percent of whites and ethnic Chinese. In Canada in 1991, 13 percent of black men were unemployed compared with seven percent of whites. In France in 1994, 11 percent of black men were unemployed compared with eight percent of whites.


Psychopaths appear to enjoy taking risks because it stimulates them, and there are several ways in which blacks show greater recklessness and risk taking than whites or Asians. In the 1989-93 American Teenage Attitudes and Practices Survey, 9,135 youths aged 12 to 18 were asked to consider the question: ?I get a kick out of doing things every now and then that are a little risky or dangerous.? Fifty-six point nine percent of blacks agreed, as compared with 38.6 percent of whites. Driving habits are an index of risk taking and recklessness. A number of studies have shown that blacks run red lights more often than whites, and have more frequent accidents. Five studies have shown that blacks do not use seat belts as often as whites. Hispanics and Native Americans likewise have more accidents caused by recklessness and risk-taking than whites and East Asians.

Sexual behavior can be reckless. Among those who do not wish to have children, blacks are less likely to use contraception than whites, and this has been found in both the United States and Britain. One result is that black women have more unplanned babies than whites. In the United States in the 1990s blacks had about twice the proportion of unplanned babies as whites and Asians. In Britain, a survey of teenage births carried out in 1994 found that these were three-and-a-half times more common among blacks than among whites and Asians.

The behavior of reckless men also causes unplanned pregnancies. Surveys have asked adolescent males if they would feel ?very pleased? or whether they would care if they were responsible for an unplanned pregnancy. Twice as many blacks as whites say they would be very pleased or that they would not care. To be very pleased or not care about saddling a teenage girl with an unplanned pregnancy expresses a great degree of a reckless regarding the well-being of others. In the United States, the percentage of teenage blacks who have fathered an illegitimate child is approximately three times greater than that of whites, with Hispanics intermediate.

Another consequence of reckless avoidance of contraceptives is that blacks are more likely to get sexually transmitted diseases?including HIV and AIDS?all of which are more prevalent among blacks than among whites and Asians. At the present time, about 80 percent of the word?s HIV carriers are blacks in sub-Saharan Africa.

A common expression of conduct disorder in children and young adolescents is sexual precocity. Many studies have shown that blacks are more sexually precocious than whites and Asians. Surveys in the United States in the 1990s have found that about a third of black 13-year-olds have had sexual intercourse compared with 14 percent of whites and Hispanics, and four percent of East Asians. Similarly, a survey in Britain in 1990 found that by the age of 16, 18 percent of blacks had had intercourse compared with 13 percent of whites and five percent of Asians.

We consider finally the psychopathic characteristic described by the American Psychiatric Association as ?inability to function as a responsible parent.? One of the most straightforward measures of this is abuse and neglect. The American Association for Protecting Children has found that black children constitute approximately 15 percent of the child population and about 22 percent of cases of child abuse and neglect. The First (1975) and Second (1985) National Family Violence Surveys carried out in America examined the use of violence towards children, defined as hitting them with the fist or with some object, and kicking, biting and beating them up. It does not include slapping or spanking. It found that 1.2 percent of white parents and 2.1 percent of blacks inflict this kind of severe violence on their children.

Data published by the United States Department of Health and Human Services for 1996 showed that maltreatment was about three times more common among blacks and about one-and-a-half times more common among Hispanics, than among whites.

The most extreme expression of the inability to function as a responsible parent consists of killing a child. Racial differences in the homicide of infants in their first year of life were examined for approximately 35 million babies born in the United States between 1983-91. This study found that 2,776 of these had been murdered, the great majority by mothers or the mothers? husbands or partners. The rate of infant homicides for blacks and Native Americans was 2 per 10,000, compared with 0.6 per 10,000 for whites and 0.4 per 10,000 for East Asians. In the early 1990s the racial differences became even greater, with blacks having four-and-a-half times the infant homicide rate of whites and Hispanics.

Complete Consistency

There is almost complete consistency in the racial differences in outcomes that can be considered measures of psychopathic personality. In everything from child behavior to sexual precocity to adult crime rates we find Asians at one extreme, blacks at the other, and whites, Hispanics and American Indians in between. These differences are not only consistent through time but are found in countries such as France, Britain, Canada, and the United States, which have very different histories of what could be called ?racism.? Indices of high psychopathic personality in blacks are likewise found in the virtually all-black societies of Africa and the Caribbean.

Racial differences in psychopathic behavior persist even when IQ is held constant, and the same racial differences are found in essentially every kind of measurable behavior that reflects psychopathic personality. The most plausible explanation for these differences is that just as there are racial differences in average IQ, there are racial differences in what could be called ?average personality,? with blacks showing greater psychopathic tendencies. The argument that white ?racism? is responsible for black social pathology is increasingly unconvincing.
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« Reply #4 on: February 28, 2007, 09:48:51 AM »

didnt read all as dont have time. it does seem to give another explanation for 'the restraining gene'. it also explains jews.
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Viewing the racial situation on a planetary perspective:
it is obvious that the Black race is destined to disappear.
It just cannot hack it in a complex civilisation such as ours.

The first step for the Imperium will be to seal its borders and expel all blacks.
Expel them to their original homeland: The Congo.
There, they will rapidly decrease in number through internecine wars, disease and starvation.

The black man is a burden wherever he settles.
America's importing of thousands of blacks for the cotton industry was a racial disaster.
As one Senator put it: "Had I known the consequences, I would have picked the cotton myself"!

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Boycott The Times and The Sunday Times.
Do not post there, do not buy a copy of either, do not advertise.
Hurt Them in the only way they understand.

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Quote from: IMPERIUM
Viewing the racial situation on a planetary perspective:
it is obvious that the Black race is destined to disappear.
It just cannot hack it in a complex civilisation such as ours.

It is not quite a certainty that the African race could disappear
Actually quite an unlikely possibility if left to their own devices
As they would find their equilibrium lifestyle and would remain
Some see the glass half empty, others half full... or just half.

The first step for the Imperium will be to seal its borders and expel all blacks.
Expel them to their original homeland: The Congo.
There, they will rapidly decrease in number through internecine wars, disease and starvation.

If Africans were to be expelled back to a diminished Africa as a 'first step'
Then the prediction you make might very well come to pass, However...
Such would mainly be the result of a lack of wholistic European planning
Rather than a failing on the part of the African nationals themselves.

An intended aim. An established method based upon a holistic methodology.
An appropriate pace. A cooperative effort spanning the continent if not the Globe.

The black man is a burden wherever he settles.
America's importing of thousands of blacks for the cotton industry was a racial disaster.
As one Senator put it: "Had I known the consequences, I would have picked the cotton myself"!


America is a unique case. Of their own folly they decided to import slaves.
The African slaves arrived. They performed their cotton-picking tasks...

Now the African-Americans are no longer slaves and are on the 'equality train'.
Some European-Americans appreciate not their antics and now want them out.

Sorry... they gave birth to the perceived problem and hence assume responsibility.
It is too late for an abortion. They thus have a right to be on the continent.

The only ethically correct way to resolve the situation is to place an offer to them.
A wholistic offer that is of attraction and benefit to both parties concerned.

Hence the term mutual benefaction.

(This applies to African Americans who were forced to make the transcontinental
trip - the African Immigrant situation requires a different but still wholistic solution)
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its more likely whites will disappear. they are all overweight and drunk.
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We must built ships that will not traverse the Seven Seas but the Milky Way and the stars beyond, ships with no sails but engines powered by fuel, sweat and the creative cunning of the race that gave the world everything and will give the universe more than even God ever dreamt of. - Ogeno
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Quote from: Marco Polo
its more likely whites will disappear. they are all overweight and drunk.

That is a problem that the Europeans themselves would need to deal with. ^_~

There can be a vision and plan for almost anything and on almost any level...
That includes the idealistic range of bodily weight and health classification
As well as a holistic reevaluation of the relationship between man and tipple!
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Quote from: shadow_cup
That is a problem that the Europeans themselves would need to deal with. ^_~

There can be a vision and plan for almost anything and on almost any level...
That includes the idealistic range of bodily weight and health classification
As well as a wholistic reevaluation of the relationship between man and tipple!

indeed. we must slaughter the blacks that dont want to return to africa. glad you agree on that one.
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We must built ships that will not traverse the Seven Seas but the Milky Way and the stars beyond, ships with no sails but engines powered by fuel, sweat and the creative cunning of the race that gave the world everything and will give the universe more than even God ever dreamt of. - Ogeno
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